Campana & Schott – we create added value for our customers by increasing efficiency – with professional project management and social collaboration.



Campana & Schott is a management and technology consulting group with long-standing experience and excellent experts in the fields of Project Management and Social Collaboration. We work with customers across the globe and support them with a wide range of services.

 Campana & Schott focuses on two competence fields:

  • Project Management
    Whether management of big projects, optimization of PM processes, implementation of PM systems, setting up PM offices, qualification or certification of your employees: Campana & Schott is your experienced and competent partner for all project matters. This is underpinned by our excellent reputation in the international Project Management community.
  • Social Collaboration
    Campana & Schott improves collaboration between people, whether through the optimization of processes or through their IT-supported automation. Campana & Schott is your partner in this field with expertise and practical experience – particularly when Microsoft technology is involved. Our solutions comprise sectors that are as varied as financial and investment planning, idea and innovation management, IT governance, product development and all types of communication and collaboration.

In terms of methodology, Campana & Schott subscribes to a four-dimensional approach

  • Management consulting
    Our highly trained consultants provide expertise, experience and a sense of proportion when it comes to analyzing and lastingly improving our customers’ processes, methods or standards.
  • Technology consulting
    As a Microsoft partner, we have well-grounded know-how on almost all Microsoft server products: we are also highly competent on MS Project Server, MS SharePoint Server, MS Yammer etc. We design and implement customized solutions while involving all Microsoft’s “productivity” products. As an SAP Service Partner, Campana & Schott also particularly focuses on the integration of Microsoft and SAP.
  • Strategy realization
    Not until the practical realization is a concept elevated to a solution. This was so obvious to us right from the outset that we even anchored it in our company name: “Realization management” is to date Campana & Schott’s central guiding principle – whether supporting our customers with strategic projects or with the introduction of new processes, new methods or new IT systems.
  • Software products
    Campana & Schott views Microsoft first and foremost as a platform provider (similar to SAP) and not as a manufacturer of software products. With the help of standard products of Campana & Schott, Microsoft products such as MS Project Server or MS SharePoint Server are turned into productive customer solutions. The added value lies in functional extension of Microsoft solutions or in their integration with other platforms such as SAP (CS Connect).

The established recipe for success of Campana & Schott consists of the needs-oriented combination of these competences and methods in order to provide excellent service to their customers. With currently over 200 employees at ten sites in Europe and the USA, we are an international group of companies working mainly for multinational companies of all industries.

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