CS Resource Management

Manage demand and allocation of resources to projects while keeping track of resource commitments in real time. Prevent project delays that could be recognized earlier by added visibility to resource constraints, with CS Resource Management for Microsoft Project.



CS Resource Management expands Microsoft Project with a resource demand and approval process as well as an elaborate reporting system. Make resource commitments and availability transparent through real time dashboard and scorecard reporting. Enhance the collaboration between project lead and resource manager for better efficiency and steady project planning.

CS Resource Management -
Resource Management with Microsoft Project Server

Where team members are allocated to multiple projects or assigned from line organizations, resource conflicts can easily occur. CS Resource Management for Microsoft Project enables the project lead to signalize resource demand and the structured handling of the requests by the resource manager. Reports support both roles and highlight capacity shortages and surplus in time to permit rescheduling based on priorities.

CS Resource Management is directly integrated into Microsoft Project. Project leads can request dedicated team members as well as generic roles based on skill profiles via the “Request Builder” implemented in an additional ribbon.
The resource manager will be notified via the “Request Center“ in the Project Web App about incoming requests and can identify, reserve and commit suitable resources per request in the “Staffing Cockpit“.

Manage resource requests directly in MS Project
Fig.1: Edit resource request in the Staffing Cockpit

The current state of the project plan will be compared with the resource commitments via the reporting component of CS Resource Management. Missing availability and scheduling deviations are visible at a glance.

Deviations between planning and resource commitments are visible at a glance
Fig.2: Identify deviations between planning and resource commitments

Your Benefits

  • Transparency
    Resource assignments, demand for upcoming projects, and resource commitments are visible to all roles
  • Reliability
    Resource commitments are validated by the resource manager and have more significance
  • Sustainability
    Commitments are stored in a dedicated data base (project leads cannot change / edit them); reports facilitate compliance with the commitments and assure the staffing process


  • Integrated demand process
  • Consistent resource availability based on approval negotiations
  • Flexible and customizable process for resource demand and commitment
  • Automatic notifications for commitments
  • Meaningful reports with single mouse click
  • Integrated skills management


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CS Resource Management

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