Future IT Report

The Future IT Report provides a meaningful overview of the current impact of the digital transformation on companies.

How has COVID-19 influenced the digital transformation in companies?

The Future IT Report, which Campana & Schott has compiled for the second time with the University of Duisburg-Essen, provides not only scientific statements on the status quo of digital transformation in the economy, but also empirically validated success factors for practical implementation in companies.  

Key questions of the study


What goals are companies pursuing with digital transformation?


How are digitalisation and sustainability related?


What about the crisis resilience of IT?


What are the most important innovative technologies?


How important is cooperation with partners?


What are the hurdles in the digital transformation?

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About the Future IT Report

The Future IT Report examines strategic, organisational, process-related and cultural changes in companies due to the digital transformation.

292 executives from large and medium-sized companies from Switzerland, Germany and Austria participated in the survey across a broad spectrum of industries.

The study was published by the University of Duisburg-Essen in cooperation with Campana & Schott.


Voices on the report

The authors of our study

Sven Kreimendahl

Sven Kreimendahl

Associate Partner | IT Strategy & IT Transformation

Dominik Ludwig

Dominik Ludwig

Senior IT Management Consultant

Manuel Maierhofer

Manuel Maierhofer

Senior IT Management Consultant