Zero Trust Architecture

  • Creating awareness and understanding with Zero Trust Envisioning Workshops 
  • Development of your individual Zero Trust Strategy 
  • Implementation of your Zero Trust Strategy and roadmap 

Protect against cyber attacks.

The world must face new and demanding IT security challenges. Companies must have strategies and answers for this. Everything is now connected, employees move towards remote work, cloud is becoming a standard, the IT/OT convergence is developing further.

Attacks are not a rare exception but the new normal and companies need to re-think how they protect their data, the gold of the digital age – from theft, encryption attacks and more.

This results in two explosive issues: more frequent attacks with and higher damage potential 

  • Zero Trust is the designated concept which companies need to adapt. It is a proactive approach to not just reduce risks of being attacked but also minimize damage in case of attacks.
  • The core of Zero trust is based on an integrated approach involving and verifying everything needed for IT access (identities, devices, network, …). It merges formerly separate IT security disciplines into one IT security platform.
  • It is a paradigm-shift and is based on three core principles
    • Never trust, always verify
    • least-privilege access
    • assume breach.


Our services

Zero Trust Envisioning Workshop

We create awareness for today's IT security challenges and provide an overview of the Zero Trust concept. Furthermore, we provide exemplary Zero Trust architectures.

Zero Trust strategy

In line with your IT strategy and a holistic approach to IT security, we adopt a prioritised roadmap.

Zero Trust Implementation

The implementation is carried out by our IT Transformation & Security experts. We are also a Microsoft Gold Partner in the security sector with a focus on Threat Protection, Identity Management, Azure Conditional Access.

What defines us

All facets in view

We have always combined in-depth technological know-how with our expertise in processes and business requirements. With our approach, our customers benefit from high security standards without negatively impacting the user experience.

Awarded Microsoft Partner

As a multiple award-winning Microsoft Gold Partner, including in the area of security, and with over 100 certified employees, we ensure that solutions such as Microsoft Azure AD or Microsoft 365 offer our customers the best possible protection.

Proven experts

Our own consultants are certified in many security areas - whether as ISO 27001 Lead Implementer (PECB), in Microsoft security topics or as data protectionist. We have everyone on board who can meet your different requirements.

Our Cyber Security services

We advise on general questions in the area of information security as well as on the special requirements of information security in the cloud. The initiation, planning, implementation and documentation of the information security management system is carried out in accordance with ISO 27001.
Whether in the cloud or specific Microsoft environment: we identify areas of action, derive measures, ensure compliance (DSGVO, works council) and support the creation of necessary documentation.
Whether Zero Trust, Single Sign On or Governance processes - we design, implement and optimize solutions based on state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies such as Azure AD.
We design and implement threat protection strategies. The technological basis is formed by Microsoft 365 technologies such as Microsoft Defender ATP, Office 365 ATP, Azure ATP and Microsoft Defender for Cloud.
We plan and execute automated phishing campaigns, take care of sustainable change management to strengthen cyber security awareness and ensure the training and sensitisation of employees on the topic of data protection.

New Work, but with good security!

The often-used analogy of a moat to protect company networks no longer applies. Because it must actually become more porous to work properly. Particularly flexible work and Cloud technologies require a new security approach. 

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