Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

Companies that want to be successful in the future must focus more and more on their employees. As an employee experience platform, Microsoft Viva combines communication, knowledge, learning, resources and insights and enables the creation of a positive working environment and the enhancement of a decisive factor - employee satisfaction.

The human being in focus

Get in touch with each other and stay connected, get easy access to training, knowledge and corporate resources, and last but not least, balance your own work life: Microsoft Viva provides a holistic work experience. Through personalized content, information and communication, Viva manages to connect people in the hybrid working world. At the same time, Viva pays off in terms of central corporate goals and increases productivity and customer loyalty, for example.

In particular, Viva supports the all-important areas of human resources, IT and internal communications with comprehensive technical features to expand their specialist expertise. Supported by a modern and open information and corporate culture, MS Viva becomes the central platform that connects employees holistically with their organization.

In particular, Viva supports the so important areas of human resources, IT and internal communications with comprehensive technical features to expand their professional expertise. Supported by a modern and open information and corporate culture, MS Viva becomes the central platform that holistically connects employees with their organization. Together with accompanying measures around the technology, a powerful tool is created for the companies.


The meaning of Microsoft Viva for...

Human Resources

The management and targeted deployment of manpower, the promotion and further development of employees, and increasingly also strategic personnel development are the core competencies of Human Resources. In the competition for highly qualified specialists, HR thus plays a decisive role and is supported by MS Viva in this important mission. Viva Learning, for example, ensures that employees can easily continue their education in the course of their daily work - and do so every day.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications is, in particular, the company's internal mouthpiece. It is essential for conveying the corporate identity to all employees and for communicating the company's values and standards. With a personalized newsfeed, for example, Viva Connections helps to deliver these important messages in a target group-oriented, transparent and easily accessible way - and thus ensures better informed and more satisfied employees.


Exploiting the full technical possibilities for one's own workforce is the central task of IT. Competent employees must be equipped with the appropriate tools. Via Viva Connections, various technical applications are seamlessly brought together in one platform - which in turn not only ensures more efficient work and greater competitiveness, but also strengthens employee satisfaction and attractiveness as an employer.

Partner of the Year Finalist Employee Experience

Campana & Schott was selected from more than 4,400 nominations submitted and is one of the leading Microsoft partners of 2022 in the “Employee Experience” category.


The Employee Experience Journey: Your Path to EXP

An initial envisioning, a full employee experience strategy, module deep dives or the underlying expertise in using the Viva platform? No matter at which point you are: we pick you up and accompany you on the way to an improved employee satisfaction.



We analyze the big picture with you: Does the Employee Experience make sense for your company, where does your organization stand culturally, where do you want to go, which modules do you need, and how do you get there? We clarify this together with you.


Viva Modules

Viva Connections, Topics, Learning and Insights: we look with you at the possibilities of individual modules and how they can be used efficiently and effectively in your company. 


Expertise in EX

Microsoft Viva alone does not make an Employee Experience: we shed light on the necessary adjustments to the work of HR, Corporate Communications and IT, as well as implications for executive attitudes and ways of working.


Microsoft Build Intent Workshops​

As a Microsoft partner, we offer free and Microsoft-supported introductory workshops to get you started with Viva and Employee Experience. In addition to the single offer for Viva Insights, which shows you the potential of new work with advanced tools, there is another insightful format in which the other three modules Connections, Topics and Learning are presented in their interaction.


The modules of Microsoft Viva at a glance

Viva Connections

Viva Connections provides a link to the SharePoint Online intranet to play out targeted content in the Teams app. A personal dashboard can be enriched with helpful functionalities.

Viva Topics

Viva Topics automatically organizes content and expertise throughout your organization, making it easy for employees to find information and integrate knowledge into their own work.

Viva Insights

Viva Insights helps people and businesses with data-driven, privacy-compliant insights and recommendations to improve productivity and well-being.

Viva Learning

Viva Learning integrates multiple sources such as Microsoft Learning, LinkedIn Learning, and many more into one learning platform that can be used across teams.

Great Place To Work


Campana & Schott has been recognized as a Great Place to Work in no less than three categories and is one of the best employers in Germany. Our customers also benefit from our great corporate culture. We are convinced that true future viability can only be achieved by bringing together new technologies, adaptive organizations and a living digital culture. To achieve this, we at Campana & Schott not only focus on our employees and their needs, but also work with our customers every day to share our experience and make them an even better employer.


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