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Digitization projects often start highly motivated, but their implementation is bumpy and tough. Frequently, this is due to the fact that having the right strategy does not automatically lead to a successful outcome. What is needed is a plan for implementation, along with the appropriate structures and the right communication.

In this article, we show how strategies can be successfully implemented using three fields of action.

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Why the digital transformation is not possible without an IT transformation. Many companies are thinking about the digital transformation. Some under-estimate the role of the IT transformation as the cornerstone in this process. The success of the digital transformation depends on the right infrastructure and a new way of doing things. To this end, the IT environment must be reorganized.

The best practices in our current article show what a successful path can look like.

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Campana & Schott successfully integrates Teams into their own digital workplace. E-mail, chat, phone, video conference: Today, the digital workplace provides employees with many solutions for internal and external communication. And yet: Previously, there was often a lack of integrated solutions, especially for the day-to-day cooperation with colleagues in projects or small teams. Microsoft Teams is a digital workstation module that precisely fills this specific gap. But there is a lot to consider during the introduction.

Read in the new article how Campana & Schott has successfully integrated Microsoft teams into its own company.

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Six stumbling blocks and how companies master them. Digitization has already made its way into the workplace. But many companies still make serious mistakes in implementing the digital workplace (DWP). These can be avoided with the right know-how and strategies, which ensure the efficient and sustainable establishment of the digital workplace in the company.

In the new article, Campana & Schott experts describe the challenges that need to be taken into account.

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Campana & Schott supports Thalys with the deployment of Microsoft Teams. Following the implementation of Microsoft Project Online for IT projects and introducing the process and configuration of project portfolios, Campana & Schott is helping Thalys to introduce the use of Microsoft Teams to make daily tasks and collaboration in team projects easier.

Scope of the Teams project at Thalys:

Sharing methodologies (methods, templates, support bases, e-learning links)  Consolidate information in the portfolio projects Maximise the integration of Project Online in the Teams environment Encourage dialogue within the project teams

About Thalys

Thalys has been helping bring the cultures and economies of four European countries together for over 20 years, transporting 7.8 million passengers per year in 2018. Travelling from Brussels to Paris takes just 1h22 min in the high speed trains. A pioneer of on-board wifi since 2008, Thalys has distinguished itself from the beginning with exceptional service.

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Fourteen success factors for an efficient and value-creating Analytics Center of Excellence. Many requirements are better met with the help of data analysis. The aim here is to generate concrete insights from data and implement them in actions within the organization.

Campana & Schott has identified 14 success factors that lead the Analytics Center of Excellence to success.

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Preventing problems before they arise. Time delays, budget overruns, increased resource requirements: there are many reasons why projects get out of hand. With the help of machine learning, companies can make use of current project management data to detect possible undesirable developments in real-time and correct them at an early stage.

In the current article,experts from Campana & Schott show what is important when implementing predictive analytics and outline possible application scenarios with which the potential can be exploited.

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Three steps to accelerate product innovations with data management and analytics capabilities. Reducing time to market of new products through faster innovations has become central to companies across industry sectors. Understanding customer needs is at the epicenter of that effort and (big) data & analytics is now commonly accepted as the tool to use.

However, companies struggle to implement (big) data & analytics into the organization due to its cross functional impact. To tackle this challenge we as Campana & Schott recommend introducing an Analytics Center of Excellence (AcE) and outline a stepwise approach to specify its mandate.

In this article, experts from Campana & Schott outline a step-by-step approach and identify critical success factors for the effective introduction of an AcE and thus also for better Data & Analytics capabilities in the organisation.

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Three scenarios at a glance: Bimodal IT, IT Factory and Zero IT. Competitive pressures are steadily increasing. It means that todays IT must be positioned so it can respond to ever accelerating and individual business demands and provide the appropriate services. At the same time, IT costs must be kept in check or even reduced. No wonder many IT department managers are caught between a rock and a hard place.

The "Modern IT" concept offers a solution approach. This article presents three concrete application scenarios of Modern IT: Bimodal IT, IT Factory and Zero IT.

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How IT is becoming the central and essential driver of entrepreneurial value creation. The winners of the future are already determined by the degree of digitization today. Companies that pursue a dedicated and consistent digitization strategy can become the market leaders of tomorrow. But without support, many of them fail when it comes to the business transformation.

Find out here how agile processes can be established with the right approach and competent partners and a decisive basis for long-term corporate success can be laid.

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