Katrin likes to take off: as a project manager and on a racing bike.

"It’s my personal goal to pass on my consulting experience to younger colleagues and support them in their customer projects and in their personal development."

Katrin is not only dedicated to her work as a consultant. She is also in charge of our corporate network WoMen@CS and highly committed to equality and diversity.

Katrin, what led you to CS about 10 years ago? 

After I finished my studies, I was looking for opportunities to start my professional career. I came across Campana & Schott at a recruiting fair and actually chatted with my future boss (which I didn’t know at that time, of course). Two job interviews later, I joined CS as a consultant. Only a year later, I went back to university, in order to write my Phd, but always kept in touch with CS and my colleagues. It was clear to me, that I wanted to go back to working at Campana & Schott.  

What is your position nowadays?

I am a Managing Consultant focusing on project management. In the past, I have primarily been involved in IT-related projects, while today I am managing large programs for various clients from a wide range of industries. Here I am mainly responsible for all the technical aspects of project, program and portfolio management. 

What was your most exciting project? 

The implementation of a new European regulation for a client. Hundreds of products, processes, delivery and import routes, the international production facilities and the IT had to be adapted, and all of this under a very tight schedule. I was responsible for setting up the program, managing it and accompanying it all the way to its realization. This has definitely been a profound experience for me. 

In addition to your job as a consultant you helped to establish the 'WoMen@CS' network. Can you tell us a bit more about it? 

Equality, especially regarding women at work, is a topic I have always been passionate about. Various chats with colleagues about their point of view have led to the establishment of the 'WoMen@CS' network. It is a platform where we regularly exchange information on different topics such as development opportunities, our experiences within the projects or the compatibility of family and career. The impulse we receive during these meetings we pass on to our management or our business units. 'WoMen@CS' helps us to bring in employees' perspectives. It’s my personal goal to pass on my consulting experience to younger colleagues and support them in their customer projects and in their personal development. 

Is there also a private passion that you pursue? 

Of course there is - the triathlon. When I ride my bike, run or swim, I am totally focused and able to clear my mind. Even when I am away during the week, I always find a way to balance out my work - either in the hotel's own sports room, in the swimming pool or with my bike, which I often bring along. I share this passion with several of my colleagues at CS, and now and then we go for a ride after work. For me, the personal exchange with my colleagues is very important and one of many reasons why I feel so comfortable at CS.  

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