Future Organization Report 2020


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The survey on the Future Organization Report 2020 has started. This is the second round of the study, which the Institute for Information Management at the University of St. Gallen and Cam-pana & Schott first published in 2019.

The study examines the drivers, challenges and success factors of agile work methods and adaptive organizations. The focus is on the following core questions:

  • How agile are companies in the DACH region?
  • Which success factors promote customer-centricity of companies? 
  • How do companies promote an agile mindset among their employees? 
  • What impact does COVID-19 have on agile transformation?

The Future Organization Report specifically examines companies and employees from Germa-ny, Austria and Switzerland who are already dealing with the topic of agility. Take part until the beginning of June and you will receive the results in September 2020.

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