Future Organization Report 2020

Exciting insights about agile transformation in companies

  • Status quo of agility
  • The next level of customer orientation
  • Success factors of agile transformation
  • The role of the employees
  • Agility in times of COVID-19

What makes tomorrow's organization successful

Agility is no longer seen as just a trend: The second edition of the Future Organization Report impressively shows the current status and progress of agile transformation in companies and at the same time provides valuable recommendations for action. The study is published by the Institute of Information Management of the University of St. Gallen in cooperation with Campana & Schott.

Key questions of the study

Status quo

How agile are companies today and what influence does agility have on the ability to change?

Development of agility

What changes can be observed after one year and what are the most important current trends?

Success factors

Which factors have the greatest influence on the agile transformation of an organization?

Agility in times of crisis

COVID-19: Are agile companies really more resilient in times of crisis?

Employees in focus

What role does an agile mindset play among employees and how can it be promoted?

Customer orientation

How do agile companies take their customer orientation to the next level?

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Future Organization Report
About Future Organization Report

The Future Organization Report examines the challengesapproaches and success factors in mastering agile transformation processes in companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The study is published by the Institute for Information Management at the University of St. Gallen in collaboration with Campana & Schott.

The survey 2020 involved 449 managers and employees from companies across different industries already involved in agility. In addition, the findings from interviews with 21 top decision-makers were incorporated into the results.

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