Data Strategy & Data Management

The influence of new data sources and modern analysis technologies continues to grow across industries and businesses. The utilization of data potential has become a leading driver of added value for businesses. However, this potential can only be realized with the right data management and a visionary data strategy.

The way to a data-driven company

Together with our customers, we develop a customized data strategy, define the action fields for data management and governance that are required for operational implementation and establish this data-driven approach across the company. For that matter we use our experience in data analytics and our extensive technical expertise to help companies on their way towards a data-driven organization.

On this journey we rely on a practice-oriented and proven approach that focuses on the needs of different departments and business areas. Based on their specific objectives and challenges we derive the requirements for data, technologies, skills and processes.

What we do

Our data experts support companies with developing, implementing and establishing a data strategy in the organization.

Strategy development

We develop a customized vision of a data-driven company for our customers. It includes a mission, clearly formulated objectives and the added values that must be delivered for the defined target groups. 

Data Management & Governance

We analyze the requirements for the administration and management of the data, which are required to implement the strategy. Using a target/actual analysis as a basis, we develop a customized road map for implementing the relevant application cases.

Strategy implementation

We also assist our customers during the establishment process with our customized “Transition to Line” (T2L®) approach. With this holistic approach, we are able to implement the jointly defined data strategy in a transparent manner.

  • Strategy development
  • Data Management & Governance
  • Strategy implementation

What really matters

Using our technical expertise, we assist companies to synchronize or integrate data from different systems.
We assist with the creation of data architectures, analytic models and execution of analyses to generate additional value with the growing amount of data. Thereby, we make use of our extensive technological expertise.
With the “Transition to Line” (T2L®) approach, we help with establishing the strategy in the company's structures and processes in order to realize the intended added values.

In good company: Our references

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