CS Status Reporting

Highly efficient reporting in Microsoft Project. CS Status Reporting delivers automated reports from aggregated project information. Users reduce their effort and can make more solid decisions.

CS Status Reporting is the efficient solution for creating standardized project and management reports. In Microsoft Project Server, quantitative and qualitative project information is automatically aggregated from configurable data sources and clearly displayed.

Historical functions enable trend analyses, which improve the forecasts for the further course of the project. This saves time and effort for project managers and enables more solid decisions.

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Features & Benefits

Fully Automatic Data Aggregation

CS Status Reporting automatically collects and stores relevant project information. After the first setup no data collection has to be done or started manually.

Standardized Project & Management Reports

Relevant data is automatically summarized by mouse click or at defined intervals in clear project reports. Separate management reports allow precise and fast decisions to be made for the entire portfolio.

Configurable Data Sources

Different data sources for reporting can be configured. For example, data from Microsoft Project Server or Microsoft SharePoint can be aggregated and merged.

Milestone Trend Analysis

Regular reporting intervals enable a fully automated creation of trend analyses, such as a milestone trend analysis. For this purpose, historization functions are added that independently store project statuses at defined points in time.

  • Fully Automatic Data Aggregation
  • Standardized Project & Management Reports
  • Configurable Data Sources
  • Milestone Trend Analysis

CS Status Reporting in use

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