Cloud infrastructure

IT infrastructure is at the heart of the digital, cloud-based world. Intelligently and agilely set up, it enables fast reaction times to changes and drives innovation and new business models.

Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

Our process model provides the basis for the introduction of a scalable platform in Microsoft Azure. We provide you with an overview of the relevant platform modules and prioritise their introduction based on your requirements.

Within a few weeks, a team of experienced consultants develops a scalable architecture in Azure with the help of the Cloud Adoption Framework. The first workloads and use cases can then be implemented. In this way, we enable you to get a flexible and timely start in the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud.

Possible scenarios

Quick assembly

A platform in the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud is to be set up in the near future. IT receives requests from the specialist departments that would like to use various Azure services, e.g. in the area of IoT or AI.


Lack of resources

The IT infrastructure management lacks resources in the team that already have experience in setting up and administering Microsoft Azure. The mass of configuration options is overwhelming and the concern about a lack of security is great. The Microsoft Azure "language" is largely unknown. There is a lack of support and prioritisation in configuration.


Gather experiences

The customer IT wants to gain first experiences in the administration of a public cloud infrastructure. The organisation has chosen Microsoft Azure because of the synergies with the introduction of M365 services.

Shadow IT

IT is to take over the administration of an Azure environment that was set up ad-hoc from the business departments without taking security and governance into account.


Our procedure model

Cloud infrastructure

Azure setup

We record the current situation, define the target picture and develop an individual procedure plan, oriented towards the official Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

Design & deployment

We introduce the Azure platform and set up the basic components. Prioritised workloads are migrated and the corresponding Azure services deployed.


Regulatory processes are introduced into cloud operations.

Release criteria & use cases

Release criteria are defined and further use cases are selected.

Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure Public Cloud offers numerous services and useful features for companies and is one of the fastest growing cloud platforms.


Our cloud services

With our knowledge of the technical possibilities as well as our eye for the needs of our customers, we develop customised cloud strategies that allow you to unleash the full potential of the cloud.
We ensure the introduction of a scalable platform and enable a flexible and timely start in the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud.
We accompany you in the transfer of your digital processes to the cloud and ensure more flexibility, more security and lower costs for your IT.
We accompany you in all facets of cloud security. With our approach, companies benefit from high security standards without negatively affecting the user experience.

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