Posting, commenting, keeping up to date - what private users have been using as a communication approach for several years now is transferred to the world of work with Yammer. The Enterprise Social Network as a central point of contact for teamwork enables modern, efficient collaboration using social media.

Enterprise Social Network

Together with companies, Campana & Schott develops a utilization strategy and communication culture for efficient team cooperation with Yammer. We define relevant deployment scenarios that move away from hierarchical cooperation towards a networking approach. For example, Yammer groups bring employees together at a central location to share conversations and information anytime, anywhere.  

Experienced specialists set up Yammer in accordance with the strategy and ensure reliable and smooth integration into the existing IT landscape - for individual areas or company-wide. As part of change management, we also support our customers in anchoring the implemented technology. 

What we do

From the strategy to the identification of use cases to the implementation and anchoring, we support our customers with the introduction of the Enterprise Social Network Yammer.


Within the framework of strategy development for the use of Yammer, we define in concrete terms how an enterprise social network can play together with other forms of cooperation to create value and how it can be integrated into an overarching social collaboration strategy.

Use Cases

Together with our customers, we identify use cases for more efficient cooperation in projects and define them within the framework of concrete scenarios. In doing so, we consider the communicative requirements as well as the culture of the company.

Implementation & Integration

Experienced collaboration specialists set up Yammer according to the strategy and ensure reliable and seamless integration into the existing IT landscape, e.g. via a smooth single sign-on process.


We support our customers in anchoring Yammer in the context of change management and in this way increase user acceptance. In addition, we offer training and support e.g. for community managers and accompany companies during the introduction phase.  

  • Strategy
  • Use Cases
  • Implementation & Integration
  • Anchoring

Microsoft Yammer in use

We accompany our clients during the introduction of a Digital Workplace and thus create a uniform, networked and location-independent platform that optimizes cooperation in transformations.
With the right approach, we ensure that the cultural and organizational changes at our customers succeed.
We establish the right mindset in companies for modern and flexible working methods.
With collaboration and communication platforms, we provide the central entry point into the Digital Workplace.
With the right digital tools, we integrate employees in production or in direct customer contact into the digital platforms of companies.


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We are a Microsoft Gold Partner in several categories and have been awarded Gold Cloud Productivity and Silver Cloud Platform for our cloud competence.

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