Digital Culture

Digital change does not work without digital culture: employees and organizations need the right mindset to take advantage of the opportunities of digitization. This is about more than dealing with new tools: It is about the willingness and the ability to achieve better results with new technologies and to establish modern working methods.

Create a digital mindset

We do not only accompany, we prepare the culture change of our customers. Thanks to our proven, interactive workshop formats, we identify typical challenges and questions. We identify individual requirements and needs and translate them into short, medium and long-term measures. We take these into account when designing the Digital Workplace and implement them together with proven methods such as our Change Management Framework in the company.   

Digital culture is part of our DNA and we live it with enthusiasm. This is contagious - especially for our customers.   

What we do

We determine the status quo of the digital culture and work together to establish the right mindset for the employees.

Cultural Assessment & Change Conception

We conduct an as-is analysis of the current culture in the company. Subsequently, we define with our clients which changes towards the digital culture are necessary. On this basis, we then create the concept and derive the appropriate measures.  

Envisioning Digital Culture & New Work

The interplay of digital culture and the new way of working holds immense potential. In an Envisioning Workshop, we work with our clients to identify the concrete opportunities that arise for a company.   

Accompaniment of the Change

From the communication campaign to trainings, to the creation of content or the support of change communities. We accompany our clients' change management measures or carry them out ourselves.  

Enabling a Change Team

Internal contacts are a valuable component of change for the sustainable anchoring of a digital culture. We train entire change teams or individual change agents and thus build up the competencies for successful change.    

  • Cultural Assessment & Change Conception
  • Envisioning Digital Culture & New Work
  • Accompaniment of the Change
  • Enabling a Change Team

What matters

We transform companies into agile organizations that better meet market conditions and customer needs.
With the right approach, we ensure that the cultural and organizational changes at our customers succeed.
We accompany our clients during the introduction of a Digital Workplace and thus create a uniform, networked and location-independent platform that optimizes cooperation in transformations.
With a platform for collaboration and communication, we provide the central point of entry into the Digital Workplace.

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