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State-of-the-art technology and an innovative building automation system make the work and the associated workrooms sustainable and efficient. When all components are perfectly coordinated, the office spaces come to life.

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Sensors are the sensory organ of space. Only in conjunction with the right sensors do buildings come to life and become "truly intelligent". That's why CS Smart Workspace works with high-end sensor technology from STEINEL.

Optical Sensor HPD2

The HPD2 optical presence detector can not only clearly detect the presence of sitting or standing persons, it can also count them in defined zones. With this unique technology, both the presence and the exact number of people in a room can be detected precisely and in real time.

The core of the person sensor is a high-precision optical system combined with a neural AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm. An integrated image analysis provides the corresponding data in real time. The image processing carried out directly in the sensor provides information on the number of persons and their position - real images of persons are not output. 

The HPD2 also has integrated temperature and humidity sensors. Together with the information about the number of persons present, this enables a more demand-oriented control of light, heating and air conditioning.

True Presence® Multisensor
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True Presence® from STEINEL offers a new dimension in reliability for accurate presence detection. With this unique sensor technology, data can be obtained in the quality that is crucial for effective and efficient building control.

True Presence® is based on high-frequency detection of the environment. A new sensor technology with extremely high resolution is used. This makes it possible to reliably detect the presence of a person in a room, regardless of what they are doing or whether they are moving. True Presence® indicates the presence of a person when the micro-movements of vital functions are detected in the form of three-dimensional breathing patterns.

In combination with unique sensor software, the presence of a person is thus detected 100 percent. True Presence® can detect temperature, humidity, CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and brightness in one product, making the building "truly intelligent".

Azure Cloud Platform

CS Smart Workspace is completely based on components in Microsoft Azure. Companies thus benefit from the security, performance and scalability of the platform. The components used include:

  • IoT Hub
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Cognitive Services
  • Azure Serverless Components

More about Microsoft Azure

Digital Workplace

The CS Workspace System is seamlessly integrated into the digital workplace of the employees. Users have access to all functions in the familiar tools of the Microsoft world. There is no need to install new parallel solutions or learn them.


All communication and collaboration applications from one source.
Email, calendar and task management from the cloud.
An interface for communication and collaboration for groups or teams.
The leading platform for communication and collaboration.

Our partners


Heinrich Wolfgang Steinel founded the STEINEL company in Herzebrock-Clarholz in 1959. Since then, STEINEL has consistently developed from a pioneer to a technology and innovation leader in sensor technology for modern buildings. Innovative and intelligent products are created at the company's own development centres in Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Production takes place exclusively at the company's own plants in Europe. The company now employs approx. 1600 people across all its locations.


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We are a long-standing Microsoft Gold and Silver Partner in several disciplines. These include the competencies Gold Cloud Productivity, Gold Content and Collaboration, Gold Project and Portfolio Management and Silver Cloud Platform. We are a Preferred Partner for Microsoft 365 Business Applications. In addition, we belong to the circle of only 20 Microsoft Managed Alliance Partners in Germany.

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