Sustainability Dashboard in Day

  • Set up Sustainability Dashboard in MS PowerBI
  • Track your performance
  • Meet your stakeholders' demand for transparency and sustainability awareness

Create and understand your customized Sustainability Dashboard in MS PowerBI

Nowadays, in all industries and company sizes, it is crucial to have an overview of sustainability performance. This is the foundation for strategic planning and compliance with standards and regulations.

With our starter kit, we develop a sustainability dashboard in one day, enabling you to break down the complex topic of sustainability. In this way, we enhance your understanding of sustainability and pave the way for your company's sustainability reporting and communications. 

The building blocks of our workshop


We determine and analyze your status quo.

Sustainability goals

We derive long-term sustainability goals for your company based on best practices.

KPI definition

We provide a pre-selection of relevant sustainability KPIs for you in our toolkit. Based on your goals, you then select key sustainability KPIs and define which SDGs you want to support.


We create a custom PowerBI dashboard for your specific business characteristics that can be integrated with MS Teams. 

Sample data

We provide sample data to help you become familiar with the dashboard and understand how to enter data in the future.

Example Dashboards

Start your sustainability project now

  • Understanding of the different sustainability dimensions
  • Knowledge and selection of relevant sustainability KPIs
  • Gain insight into your own progress and formulate your sustainability goals
  • Ability to update data in MS PowerBI as a long term tracking and communication tool

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