Sustainability Portfolio

  • Increase transparency and activate synergies between different sustainability projects
  • Create understanding of sustainability impact and prioritize project portfolio
  • Achieve sustainability goals with structure and orientation in sustainability efforts

Using integrated project portfolio management to achieve sustainability goals

Our services

Design & Concept

Together, we translate your company's sustainability strategy into measurable KPIs and targets. Based on these goals, we conduct a design workshop and develop a customized, functional system design.


In the implementation phase, our best practice approaches and your individual requirements for the system are implemented and validated in a test phase. In addition to this test phase, the technical documentation and release are prepared in parallel.

Introduction & Go-Live

To ensure a successful handover after implementation, training, guides and other training materials are provided to project, program and portfolio managers. At the same time, administrators receive an introduction to the system.

Project & Quality Management

Throughout the entire project, we ensure quality and transparency by means of regular status reports, quality assurance measures and acceptance protocols. A compact project charter and a project plan provide control over the entire planning.

A customer example

Systematic recording of sustainability aspects in the project portfolio with the CS PPM Power Suite.


1. Project overview
4. Derivation of relevant KPIs
2. Project description
5. Concrete KPI description
3. Sustainability aspects

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