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Viva Connections is the central entry point to the digital workplace. Thanks to direct access to the employee portal with all relevant data, tasks and communication tools, Microsoft Teams becomes an employee app.


Through the prominent integration of community feeds from Yammer, people from different areas of the company come into contact more quickly, and frontline workers in areas such as service and production also benefit from mobile access to the intranet thanks to integration with Microsoft Teams.

Viva Connections has convinced you? Let's tackle it together!

Everything can, nothing must: Our services are modular and can be individually adapted to your needs.

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There's a lot to show: Intranet integration in the Teams client, the news feed, the personalizable dashboard and more.

In a first no-obligation session in our own CS demo environment, we will introduce you to this central module of EX. You will gain initial insights into where and how the lever can be applied to an improved employee experience via target group-specific communication.

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Viva Connnections has convinced you? Let's tackle it together!

In interactive sessions, we first determine the status quo of your organization, and then together we look at prioritized use cases to see where information flow and communication could be improved. The end result is a target picture with a strategy for how Connections can work for you. 

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We continue with the detailing, preparation and implementation of a basic implementation. With the elaborated and prioritized use cases, we know where to start and what we can implement quickly and effectively. 

But the module doesn't work all by itself, so we also look at what functional and organizational adjustments need to be made to make it work optimally.

In the end, we come up with an extended deployment concept for the further expansion of the module. 

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Roll out
Roll out

The foundation has been laid with the basic implementation and has been a success - the module is to be expanded and/or rolled out further.

More features are gradually added to the base and further employees and company divisions are lifted onto Connections. To this end, we provide professional support for the roll-out across the breadth of your organization.

For the sustainable further optimization of your employee experience, additional Microsoft Viva modules can then be strategically integrated into your processes.

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Microsoft Build Intent Workshops

As a Microsoft partner, we offer you a free introduction to Viva and Employee Experience.

With Viva Connections you can finally find everything in one place, with Topics you can finally find information, with Learning you can finally get ahead and with Goals you can easily manage OKRs! In our workshop, you will get to know the four Viva modules Connections, Topics, Learning and Goals and learn more about their interaction.
Finally get insights with Viva Insights! In our Viva Insights workshop, you'll learn how data-driven insights align your employees' effectiveness and well-being, and how advanced tools can help you learn more about the potential of new work.

The modules of Microsoft Viva at a glance

Organize content and expertise across the enterprise: With Viva Topics, employees don't search for information, they find it.
Effectiveness and well-being in harmony: Viva Insights provides data-based insights and recommendations for the right balance in everyday work.
Learning as a natural part of work: Viva Learning is the central place for personal development and lifelong learning.
Manage OKRs simply and transparently: Viva Goals promotes a common, clear and focused direction across the entire organization.
Motivate, communicate, experience culture: Viva Engage fosters a sense of belonging and closeness to communities and leadership.

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