Microsoft Viva

The Employee Experience Platform.

A positive employee experience for greater satisfaction and productivity.

Companies that want to remain successful in the future must increasingly focus on their employees. As an employee experience platform (EXP), Viva combines the components of communication, knowledge, learning, resources and insights in the daily work environment and can thus significantly influence a decisive factor: employee satisfaction.

The human being in focus

Get in touch with each other and stay connected, get easy access to training, knowledge and company resources and, last but not least, balance your own working life: Microsoft Viva ensures a holistic work experience by consistently putting employees at the center.

Viva supplements the digital workplace with important factors of the employee experience (EX) and opens up completely new possibilities for companies in their interaction with employees. Be it in the war for talent, employee satisfaction, productivity or the achievement of personal and corporate goals.

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Microsoft Viva for departments

Every department has different requirements for a holistic employee experience platform. In particular, the all-important areas of human resources, IT and internal communications benefit from the comprehensive capabilities of the Microsoft Viva modules.

Human Resources

The spectrum of HR tasks in companies is constantly increasing. The focus on the employees is always central here. Viva supports these tasks with the most modern possibilities and the use of artificial intelligence to make them more efficient and targeted. Be it in knowledge management, learning or also in the achievement of goals by means of OKRs. And of course not to forget: In employee satisfaction.


More about knowledge management with Topics

More about the Learning platform

More on data-driven insights with Insights

Corporate Communications

As the company's mouthpiece, Corporate Communications plays a special role in shaping the employee experience. Visions, values, strategies: Communicating the company's key issues to its employees is a central task. Because only information that reaches its recipients creates the basis for a better corporate culture and ensures a common identity.


More about the possibilities of Connections


Exploiting all the technical possibilities for one's own workforce is the central task of IT. Professionals must be equipped with the right tools. Viva Connections seamlessly integrates various technical applications into a single platform - which in turn not only ensures more efficient work and greater competitiveness, but also strengthens employee satisfaction and the company's attractiveness as an employer.


More about the possibilities of Connections

  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Communications
  • IT

Our Services: How we increase the satisfaction of your employees

An initial envisioning, a full employee experience strategy, module deep dives or the underlying expertise in using the Viva platform? No matter what point you are at: We'll pick you up and guide you on the path to improved employee satisfaction.



We analyze the big picture with you: Does the Employee Experience make sense for your company, where does your organization stand culturally, where do you want to go, which modules do you need, and how do you get there? We clarify all these questions together.


Viva Modules

Viva Connections, Topics, Learning, Insights, Goals and Engage: We look with you at the possibilities of individual modules and how they can be used efficiently and effectively in your company. For each module, we also offer individual service modules that are adapted to the respective requirements.



Microsoft Viva alone does not make an Employee Experience: we shed light on the necessary adjustments to the work of Human Resources, Corporate Communications and IT, as well as effects on the attitudes and working methods of managers.


Microsoft Workshops

As a Microsoft partner, we offer you a quick introduction to Viva and Employee Experience.

Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

With Viva Connections you can finally find everything in one place, with Topics you can finally find information, with Learning you can finally get ahead and with Goals you can easily manage OKRs! In our workshop, you will get to know the four Viva modules Connections, Topics, Learning and Goals and learn more about their interaction.

Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva Insights

Finally get insights with Viva Insights! In our Viva Insights workshop, you will learn how data-based insights align the effectiveness and well-being of your employees and how you can use advanced tools to learn more about the potential of new work.

At which point can we support you?

The Microsoft Viva modules at a glance

Viva Connections

Inform, network, motivate: Viva Connections is the central entry point into the digital workplace and, thanks to team integration, extends the intranet with options such as the personal dashboard, feeds or the mobile app.


Viva Connections - Finally on one spot!

Viva Insights

Effectiveness and well-being in harmony: Viva Insights provides data-based insights and recommendations for a balanced and productive collaboration in the company - and completely privacy compliant.


Viva Insights - Finally gain insights!

Viva Topics

Knowledge management on a new level: Thanks to innovative AI support, content and expertise are organized company-wide. With Viva Topics, employees don't search for information, they find it.


Viva Topics - Find at last!

Viva Goals

Manage OKRs simply and transparently: Viva Goals promotes a common, clear and focused direction across the entire organization.


Viva Goals - Finally manage OKRs easily!

Viva Learning

Learning as a natural part of work: Viva Learning is the central place for personal training or collaborative learning and integrates content from LinkedIn Learning or Microsoft Learn, for example.


Viva Learning - Finally getting ahead!

Viva Engage

Motivate, communicate, experience culture: Viva Engage offers new and facilitated social sharing opportunities based on Yammer. Stories and Storyline features offer a new sense of closeness to leaders, peers, and topics within communities.


Viva Engage - Finally feel connected!

What distinguishes us

Excellent Microsoft expertise

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner in all relevant business areas, we are closely networked with the manufacturer, master the technologies and ensure that solutions develop their full added value. We have been named Microsoft Partner of the Year 2023 in the "Employee Experience" category and are one of the world's leading Microsoft partners in this area.

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Great Place to Work

Campana & Schott is one of the best employers in Germany - a testament to our great corporate culture, from which our customers also benefit. We put people at the center, bring together new technologies, adaptive organizations and lived digital culture and thus ensure true future viability. We pass on our experience every day in our projects and make you an even better employer, too.

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