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Viva Insights promotes effective work and work-life balance for employees. The increase in remote and hybrid work models in particular means that the risk of digital overload is becoming ever greater. For companies, it is therefore all the more important to counteract this at an early stage.

The OKR framework aligns the goals of business units, teams and employees with the strategic priorities of the organization. Viva Goals provides the right tool to easily and transparently create, link and track OKRs - fully integrated with daily collaboration in your M365 environment. This way, employees can focus on the most relevant topics and track the impact of their work on the company's overall goals.

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Structure and functions. Configuration options. Integration. Roles & rights.

Learn about the structure and functions of Viva Goals in our demo environment. How are different company levels and areas mapped? How can the relationship between Objectives and Key Results be shown? How can I get a quick overview of the status of OKRs? What automation options or privacy settings are there? And how is the whole thing integrated into Microsoft Teams?

We will go through these and other questions that are important to you when selecting an OKR tool together, step by step. We will show you the usage and configuration options and give you a comprehensive overview of how Viva Goals makes it easier for your employees to integrate OKRs into their daily work in an uncomplicated and transparent way.

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Requirements analysis. Data protection & governance. OKR consulting services.

Is the OKR framework already being used successfully in your company? Then in this step we will take a look at how you have documented, communicated and tracked OKRs so far. What pain points and challenges did you encounter? What requirements do you have in terms of usability, linking with external sources, transparency or data protection? Based on these requirements, we will show you appropriate solutions with Viva Goals.

Are you still in the process of sustainably establishing the OKR framework in your company or would you like to introduce it first? If required, we can offer you comprehensive additional consulting services. Because the strategic, methodological and process-related aspects that enable the successful use of OKRs go far beyond the tool question.

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Conception. Configuration. Testing. Feedback & Optimization.

If you are convinced that Viva Goals should become your OKR tool, we now transfer the recorded requirements into a solution design. From the representation of complex organizational structures to a clear allocation of roles and rights: In close coordination with you, we develop a suitable overall concept that harmonizes your wishes with the technical possibilities.

Based on the concept, we configure your own or a test environment that can be fully tested by a test or pilot group. Based on the feedback, we make further adjustments until the setting meets your requirements. 

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Roll out

Rollout Planning. Setup. Migration. Change Management.

Together with you, we create a suitable rollout plan for Viva Goals in your company that takes into account the organizational structures, OKR maturity level and other factors. An iterative approach often makes sense, in which different company levels and departments are gradually enabled and empowered to use the tool. In this way, initial practical experience can flow directly into further optimization processes.

Depending on your needs, we train and support your administrators in the initial implementation and ongoing management of Viva Goals. In this course, the already tested technical configuration is transferred to your live system and the module is made available in the company according to the rollout plan.

We are also happy to assist you with the migration of existing content or the design and implementation of communicative and training measures.

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Microsoft Workshops

As a Microsoft partner, we offer you a quick introduction to Viva and Employee Experience.

Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

With Viva Connections you can finally find everything in one place, with Topics you can finally find information, with Learning you can finally get ahead and with Goals you can easily manage OKRs! In our workshop, you will get to know the four Viva modules Connections, Topics, Learning and Goals and learn more about their interaction.

Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva Insights

Finally get insights with Viva Insights! In our Viva Insights workshop, you will learn how data-based insights align the effectiveness and well-being of your employees and how you can use advanced tools to learn more about the potential of new work.

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The modules of Microsoft Viva at a glance

Viva Connections

Inform, network, motivate: Viva Connections is the central entry point into the digital workplace and always has the user in focus.

Viva Topics

Organize content and expertise across the enterprise: With Viva Topics, employees don't search for information, they find it.

Viva Insights

Viva Insights helps people and businesses with data-driven, privacy-compliant insights and recommendations to improve productivity and well-being.

Viva Learning

Learning as a natural part of work: Viva Learning is the central place for personal development and lifelong learning.

Viva Engage

Motivate, communicate, experience culture: Viva Engage fosters a sense of belonging and closeness to communities and leadership.

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