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Viva Topics supports employees in making knowledge work more effective. With Topics, everyday work is no longer defined by searching for information, but by finding it.

Viva Topics - Shutdown

On 22.02.2024, Microsoft announced the shutdown of Viva Topics on 22.02.2025. After this date, access to Viva Topics and AI suggestions will no longer be possible. Depending on the use case, Microsoft recommends alternative solutions with Microsoft M365 Copilot and Microsoft Viva or using different Viva modules and M365 services.


What does this mean for organizations that are currently working with Viva Topics or are about to switch to Viva Topics?

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What is Viva Topics?

With the help of artificial intelligence, company-wide topics and content on current processes, projects or products are automatically identified, linked and curated by experts. The result is a new type of professional knowledge management that delivers knowledge and relevant information as required without the need for extensive searches.


Excellent Microsoft expertise

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner in all relevant business areas, we are closely networked with the manufacturer, master the technologies and ensure that solutions develop their full added value. We have been named Microsoft Partner of the Year 2023 in the "Employee Experience" category and are one of the world's leading Microsoft partners in this area.


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