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Motivate, communicate, experience culture: Viva Engage fosters a sense of belonging and closeness to communities and leadership, deepens understanding of perspectives, strategic issues as well as facts, and enables employees to gain insight into the work and opinions of their colleagues across distance and hierarchy levels.

Based on Yammer and integrated into the Teams interface, Engage represents the new level of social exchange. Fully mobile and device-independent, Engage keeps you close to the organization, its communities, issues, and leaders. The resulting deeper sense of connection to the company, its direction and representatives, pays off in the long run in an even stronger bond.


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Everything can, nothing must: Our services are modular and can be individually adapted to your needs.

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Features. Interaction Yammer & Teams. Mobile views. Roles & rights.

Learn about the structure and features of Viva Engage in our demo environment. What types of communities exist in companies? What dynamics and needs do they have? What are the requirements for modern leadership communication from both sides? How can these needs be met with Yammer and Engage? What are stories and storylines all about? And how do you bring it all into the digital workplace via Microsoft Teams?

We will address these and other questions that are important to you in your community and communication work. We'll show you practical examples of how Engage can be used to develop your communities as a whole, to meet the needs of individuals, and to position leaders and topics.

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Community needs. Requirements analysis. Leadership and strategy communication.

Viva Enage and Yammer have convinced you? Let's tackle it together!

We'll start by determining the status quo of your organization in terms of engagement, community building and leadership communication in interactive sessions. With prioritized use cases, we move on to look at whether Yammer alone or Engage are the right choice for your needs. The end result is a target picture with a strategy for how to deploy them at your organization.

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Conceptual design. Configuration. Testing & training needs. Feedback & Optimization.

Are want Viva Engage (or Yammer) to be your new social communication tool of the future and we go further towards implementing your recorded requirements. In the design phase, we find the configurations that serve your organization's communication and community practices. 

Based on the strategy approach, we configure your own or a test environment that can be tested by a narrower group of employees in a first step. In addition, we further consider to what extent individuals in changed communication roles and/or that of a community manager need to be further trained in order to optimally master the use of the tool. Adjustments based on their feedback lead to a setting that meets your needs. 

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Roll out

Rollout planning. Setup. Change & Enablement.

The tests were successful and together we then create a suitable rollout plan for Viva Engage (or Yammer) in your company. Whether it is designed as a gradual introduction in individual areas or as a big bang depends on your individual circumstances.

If the need has become apparent, we empower key people in the new communication and community culture in their new roles, so that it becomes sustainably anchored in your company. 

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Microsoft Workshops

As a Microsoft partner, we offer you a quick introduction to Viva and Employee Experience.

Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

With Viva Connections you can finally find everything in one place, with Topics you can finally find information, with Learning you can finally get ahead and with Goals you can easily manage OKRs! In our workshop, you will get to know the four Viva modules Connections, Topics, Learning and Goals and learn more about their interaction.

Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva Insights

Finally get insights with Viva Insights! In our Viva Insights workshop, you will learn how data-based insights align the effectiveness and well-being of your employees and how you can use advanced tools to learn more about the potential of new work.

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The modules of Microsoft Viva at a glance

Viva Connections

Inform, network, motivate: Viva Connections is the central entry point into the digital workplace and always has the user in focus.

Viva Topics

Organize content and expertise across the enterprise: With Viva Topics, employees don't search for information, they find it.

Viva Learning

Learning as a natural part of work: Viva Learning is the central place for personal development and lifelong learning.

Viva Insights

Effectiveness and well-being in harmony: Viva Insights provides data-based insights and recommendations for the right balance in everyday work.

Viva Goals

Manage OKRs simply and transparently: Viva Goals promotes a common, clear and focused direction across the entire organization.

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