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Viva Learning is the central place for personal training and lifelong learning. Access via teams to a learning platform with a wide variety of learning content simplifies access considerably.


In addition to the integration of the company's own content, there are also offerings from LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn or third-party providers. The seamless compilation of the offerings, mutual recommendation options, and time management tools facilitate access to learning, promote a company-wide learning culture, and thus become a natural part of everyday work.

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And what exactly can Viva Learning do? Skills shortages, re-skilling and upskilling, as well as lifelong learning are no longer foreign words in everyday business life. Viva Learning is the answer that can have a lasting impact on the learning culture in the company.

We present all functionalities and features in our CS-own demo. You will get a picture of the learning experience, which has the clear goal of integrating corporate learning into the workplace and bringing all learning sources together in


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Now that you know what Viva Learning can do, a second interactive workshop will focus on how it can positively evolve your learning landscape and culture as well. To do this, we'll work together to identify your current challenges, use cases, and goals, and create scenarios for how Viva Learning can help you with just those. Then we have a roadmap for how your goals can be achieved with Viva Learning.

As a follow-up, we prepare the joint findings and roadmap for you so that you can use it for further decision-making and work with Viva Learning in your organization.

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We have the go and get into a proof of concept (PoC) based on the scenarios we have developed. We know which challenges we can target and implement effectively.

Viva Learning alone is not a learning platform; it only works with the learning content and platforms you test. During the PoC, we also take a look at whether technical and organizational adjustments can be made to better integrate your learning landscape into everyday operations.

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Roll out
Roll out

The basis has been created and we were able to successfully map your scenarios and processes with Viva Learning in the PoC. Once you have decided to fully roll out Viva Learning, we will be happy to accompany you on your way to the next generation of learning experience in your company.

In addition to the implementation of further features of Viva Learning, we also support you in change measures such as communication and training, so that the application is quickly brought to a high level. Access to the platforms and content will increase, and your learning culture will thrive. 
Further modules of Microsoft Viva can then be strategically integrated into your processes for sustainable further optimization of your employee experience.

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Microsoft Build Intent Workshops

As a Microsoft partner, we offer you a free introduction to Viva and Employee Experience.

With Viva Connections you can finally find everything in one place, with Topics you can finally find information, with Learning you can finally get ahead and with Goals you can easily manage OKRs! In our workshop, you will get to know the four Viva modules Connections, Topics, Learning and Goals and learn more about their interaction.
Finally get insights with Viva Insights! In our Viva Insights workshop, you'll learn how data-driven insights align your employees' effectiveness and well-being, and how advanced tools can help you learn more about the potential of new work.

The modules of Microsoft Viva at a glance

Inform, network, motivate: Viva Connections is the central entry point into the digital workplace and always has the user in focus.
Organize content and expertise across the enterprise: With Viva Topics, employees don't search for information, they find it.
Effectiveness and well-being in harmony: Viva Insights provides data-based insights and recommendations for the right balance in everyday work.
Manage OKRs simply and transparently: Viva Goals promotes a common, clear and focused direction across the entire organization.
Motivate, communicate, experience culture: Viva Engage fosters a sense of belonging and closeness to communities and leadership.

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