Carsten appreciates variety: in customer projects and on the racetrack.

"Projects that function on a human and professional level."

During his career, Carsten has already led project management in various companies. At CS, he can now concentrate on his favorite task: building project organizations. A pleasant side-effect is that thanks to his commitment to various clients, there is always something new to discover.

How did you get into CS?

For 20 years I was a permanent employee in various companies. For the last ten years, as head of project management, I have always been the superior of project managers and a PMO. Building project organizations has always been the most fun part of my job. A year ago, I therefore decided to concentrate only on it. After a short period of self-employment, I looked around for interesting career opportunities in consulting. A job advertisement drew my attention to Campana & Schott. However, I had also got to know individual CS employees in other contexts before.

What convinced you?

First of all, I found the customers and the projects that CS supervises exciting. In addition, the application process was very fast and professional. I also liked the people I talked to in the interviews: no off-beat consultants, but very pleasant conversational partners who know what they are talking about.
The size of the company also played a role for me: with over 300 employees, we are able to realize incredibly interesting projects; nevertheless, CS is still so "compact" and clear that I was able to get to know the majority of the colleagues within a short time.

What role does this personal contact with colleagues play in your work?

A very important one. An individual team is put together for each project. It is a great advantage to know the individual specialists in the company personally and to be able to assess their working methods. This is especially true because we work very closely with our customers and it has to function not only professionally but also humanly.
In my first large CS project, this already works quite well: We support an international corporation that has hardly ever worked on projects in this particular area in the implementation of new EU directives into its own processes. The customer was so enthusiastic about working with us that we were already reappointed and can now expand the project further. A real success for the whole team!

Does your racing bike also stand for teamwork, or are you more of a lone fighter in sport?

Both. I like the flexibility of racing bikes: you can ride alone or in a group, and wherever there are roads, there is also a racing bike track. When, for example, I was working in the Frankfurt area for a long time because of a customer project, I explored various low mountain ranges in the Taunus region with my racing bike during the week; at the weekend, I went "on track" again in the vicinity of my Hamburg home. I also appreciate this variety in my job at CS: because we work with many different customers, there are always new challenges.
By the way, cycling is often my personal motivation for new ideas: The right solutions for particularly tricky problems on the job have already occurred to me several times on the bike. 

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