About us

Campana & Schott is an international management and technology consultancy with more than 500 employees in Europe and the USA.

Shaping the future successfully

The economy and society are in a state of constant change. In order to remain competitive and fit for the future, companies today more than ever have to face far-reaching and above all complex change processes. They are the decisive success factor for future-proof companies.

We shape the digital future of our customers and have been ensuring for more than 30 years that technological, organizational or entrepreneurial transformation projects are successful - holistically and with passion.

We ensure that change projects have an impact


Top expertise from strategy to anchoring is what sets us apart. Together with our clients we develop digital visions and strategies. We master the entire spectrum of project management as well as all relevant technologies. We make sure that changes are culturally effective.

Top consulting needs passion


Our attitude distinguishes us. More than any other consultancy, we stand for passionate cooperation and active identification, because at Campana & Schott - which has received numerous awards as one of the best employers in Germany - people are at the center of everything we do. This is what the owners stand for with their names.

We are firmly convinced that real sustainability can only be achieved by combining new technologies, adaptive organizations and a living digital culture.

Our claim - highest satisfaction

Our customer base includes 28 of 30 DAX companies as well as large medium-sized companies. We have over 7,000 best practice projects with over 1,000 clients worldwide.

Our actions are always characterized by partnership and cooperation at eye level. A reappointment rate of around 90 % and first-class customer satisfaction values prove that we not only meet the requirements at the highest level, but exceed them impressively.

Our values

With holistic top expertise, passion, responsibility and a lived digital culture, we ensure effective change, genuine added value and the future viability of our customers.


The passionate interest in human interaction and cooperation has always stood for Campana & Schott and is the basis of our daily work.

Our employees are characterized by a decisive commonality: They can develop passions both privately and professionally and are completely enthusiastic about what they do.

This passion spurs us on. It leads to extraordinary results and ensures the success of our clients.


Campana & Schott assumes responsibility - from the initial vision to implementation. Our order is only completed when our customers are satisfied. This attitude has always characterised our owner-managed company.

Our actions are characterised by partnership and cooperation at eye level.

This identification with our customers distinguishes us and enables us to focus all our energies on the essential - the business success of our customers.

Living digital culture

The unrestrained curiosity and the desire for the new drive us every day - even more: they inspire us. We are fascinated by anticipating future developments and seeing change as an opportunity.

Our digital affinity allows us to develop the latest technologies and tools on a daily basis and to test them in our own use. Through our own application, we know at all times what we are talking about and are able to design innovative solutions. And our customers benefit from this.

  • Passion
  • Responsibility
  • Living digital culture

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