Change Management

The ability of an organization to change is one of the most important success factors today. However, positive results of change processes are only achieved if projects and programs are supported by employees.

Making change successful

Campana & Schott advises and supports both complex corporate changes and smaller projects with the right change management approaches. Together with our clients, we ensure that jointly developed measures are consistently implemented by stakeholders and affected areas.  

Whether target group-oriented communication, group moderation, sustainable information events or training and coaching - we use modern methods and proven procedures that take into account the framework conditions and, in particular, the corporate culture. In this way, we ensure that change projects are also a success at the most important point in the company - with the employees.  

What we do

From strategy to sustainable anchoring, we ensure that change has its full effect on our clients.

Change Management Strategy

Based on an analysis of the current situation, we work with our clients to develop long-term goals for change management measures and a targeted roadmap.  

Stakeholder Analysis & Assessment

We identify stakeholders and areas affected by the change. In addition, we interview managers and employees as part of a change assessment.  


Consistent communication about the vision and status of the change project increases acceptance. We advise companies on the selection and implementation of suitable measures such as roadshows, information events, manuals and much more.  

Sustainable Anchoring

We support our clients in the sustainable anchoring of projects through regular feedback loops with stakeholders, in dealing with resistance within the company and in communicating success stories. 

  • Change Management Strategy
  • Stakeholder Analysis & Assessment
  • Communication
  • Sustainable Anchoring

Change projects thrive on the commitment of the stakeholders involved and their acceptance of change. The desired goal can only be achieved if the desired change in behavior occurs among all participants.

This is where our gamification approach "Engagement by Motivation" comes in - based on the psychological effects of games. Necessary communication and learning processes are promoted by game elements, desired behavior patterns are achieved and sustained acceptance is supported.

Group moderations

With group moderations, large groups of up to 1,000 participants can be involved in strategy and change processes and encouraged to act together.
Because every change in a company has special characteristics, we work with our clients to develop an individual event concept and combine this with proven change management methods. For changes in the course of technology projects or digital transformation, we have developed our own procedure, the so-called WIN-Workshop ("Knowledge Intelligent Benefit").

Global Change Management

Internationally active companies must implement global transformation projects in local markets and national companies in a sustainable manner. However, complex organizational forms, numerous national subsidiaries and autonomous brand teams make the global transformation of approaches, tools and processes difficult.

Campana & Schott supports companies in anchoring global transformation projects in local markets.

Change Management in use

Business Transformation

We make sure that change projects work and have an impact.

Digital Workplace

With uniform, networked and location-independent platforms, we support companies in significantly increasing their work efficiency.

Digital Strategy

Call up your own digital potential with a tailor-made digital strategy.

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