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The goal of major disruptions is the sustainable change of an organization. However, such initiatives often neglect the very important transition from the temporary project- or program organization to the permanent line organization - this is where sustainable benefits are created.

From project to line organization

Campana & Schott supports companies with a tried-and-tested process model to anchor the results of a change initiative meaningfully in the organization.   

With our sustainable transition-to-line framework, we design efficient target structures based on value contributions. We accompany the transition to this goal taking into account strategic, organizational and political contexts. We involve our employees through continuous change management measures and promote them as an integral part of our culture.  

What we do

We support companies with a tried and tested process model, from the identification of organizational skills to the operative implementation, in anchoring the results of a change initiative meaningfully in the organization. 

Organizational Capabilities

We identify organizational skills as a basic component of the future organization. We evaluate the capabilities and create a meaningful sequence in order to define the integrated added value. 

Organization Design

Specification of the organizational structure based on organizational capabilities. Existing processes, structures and framework conditions are analyzed.  

Organizational Allocation

We define interfaces and partners and lay the foundation for the holistic operating model. 

Organizational Transition

We accompany the operative implementation of the defined steps with change management measures and define the implementation of the knowledge transfer. 

  • Organizational Capabilities
  • Organization Design
  • Organizational Allocation
  • Organizational Transition

What matters

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Call up your own digital potential with a tailor-made digital strategy.

Business Transformation

We successfully implement the change projects of our customers and thus ensure that companies survive in digital change.

Project Management

As specialists for all facets of project management, we ensure that our clients' change projects are successful.

Cultural & Organizational change

With the right approach, we ensure that the cultural and organizational changes at our customers succeed.

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