Campana & Schott honored for outstanding expertise in Microsoft App development

Campana & Schott receives Advanced Specialization for Custom Apps in MS Teams from Microsoft.

Campana & Schott receives the Advanced Specialization for Custom Apps in MS Teams to become one four Microsoft partners in Germany with this qualification. With this honor, Microsoft recognizes the expertise that allows Campana & Schott to raise its customers to the next level of a modern and integrated digital workspace. 

During the time of the coronavirus pandemic and mobile work, many companies are relying on Microsoft Teams for their communication and collaboration. Teams has become the go-to tool for collaborating in chats, meetings and documents. At the same time, this shift also exposes system breaks, making them more noticeable and painful: most companies still have many legacy systems that are used to depict a multitude of processes, e.g., project requests, purchasing or approval processes. This not only disrupts the user experience but also leads to gaps in process chains, among other things, with longer time periods and a higher susceptibility to errors.

Integrating these systems or special processes in MS Teams offers a lot of advantages, such as making it easy for users to collaborate regarding processes, as well as providing leaner and hence more efficient processes and automated work steps. In addition, processes can be made available on all devices ranging from laptops to cell phones. A must-have for modern organizations.

Already, Campana & Schott has successfully integrated many customer-specific business applications into MS Teams, and the company is viewed by many as the ideal partner for such projects. The Advanced Specialization offers additional confirmation of Campana & Schott’s outstanding expertise in this area– to maintain this designation, partners must qualify through a Microsoft inspection process. This requires active Cloud Productivity expertise, certified employees as well as successful customer projects in which process applications have been demonstrably established in MS Teams at the company.