Campana & Schott supports transformation in the SuedLink project

TenneT TSO GmbH relies on company’s expertise in large-scale projects.

Campana & Schott is supporting TenneT in executing its large-scale SuedLink project, which is to connect energy-using regions in the south of Germany with energy sources in the north. The project involves the world’s longest DC underground cable line, making it the largest grid expansion project in Germany and in Europe overall. In light of the complexity of these plans, TenneT was looking for a partner to optimize the structures within the project in order to reach a successful conclusion. TenneT had already had a trusting partnership in place with Campana & Schott since 2013 and had turned to this partner for support in many TenneT projects, so the company was happy to rely on Campana & Schott’s expertise in large-scale projects and organizational development for this challenge as well.  

Challenges for the customer

Now that there is a new German federal government, there is even more focus on environ-mental issues such as renewable energy and sustainable energy conversion. The 2011 Grid Expansion Acceleration Act, which is now in force, included subsidies for a 700-kilometer power line running straight through the country, which is to be planned and built by several companies. Before work can get under way on the construction phase, the project has to be planned and approved. One of the project developers involved, TenneT TSO GmbH, is participating in planning and executing the project. For example, the company is partnering with service providers to prepare approval documents, which will then go to the Federal Network Agency for review and approval.  

Advancing toward the goal

Campana & Schott implemented the restructuring within the SuedLink project in strategic, planning, and operational terms in 2021 without disrupting ongoing day-to-day work on the project. This included working closely with TenneT to adjust the entire organization, work out appropriately realigned role descriptions, structure, adjust, and in some cases entirely redesign processes, and define and design a responsibility matrix (RASCI). At the same time, the consulting team managed the process of optimizing contract structures with over 200 subcontractors. Thanks to the close working relationship with TenneT and the practiced team from Campana & Schott, the partners were able to overcome all of the challenges they faced effectively and efficiently, reaffirming the trusting and successful partnership between them. 

Success through new structures

After entrusting Campana & Schott with this challenge in the SuedLink project, TenneT can now rely on an improved organizational structure consisting of roles, responsibilities, processes, organizational charts, and contracts with subcontractors. Based on this optimization, SuedLink can focus on the planning and approval phase and the subsequent successful construction, coming one step closer to a crucial milestone in the German energy transition.