Connecting all employees in times of hybrid work with Viva Connections and Microsoft Teams

Session Campana & Schott, présentée (en anglais) lors de la Modern Workplace Conference Paris 2022.

Finally on the same page - with Viva Connections, all important information is right at everyone's fingertips. Key takeaways from this session will be various aspects of how Viva Connections puts your employees - information and frontline workers alike - in the center of integration and supports them in the new challenge of hybrid working. To that end, we'll demonstrate how Teams can bring together information from different systems in a new frontend, also on mobile devices. Thus, Teams can also be used as an employee app for the entire company.  

The new dashboard and the integration of the intranet in the common platform offers all employees - even away from their desks and at the frontline in production or warehouses - access, information and sharing, and creates a closer connection to the company and its mission

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Louis Cacaret

Sales & Delivery Manager

Daniela Kruse-Reinemann

Senior Consultant