Partly cloudy, or: all of a sudden, the Cloud appeared

Worldwide networking, fast and flexible availability and integration of all employees - Cloud changes the game.

Sometimes things move very fast. Campana & Schott believes that the tipping point has been reached: within just a few months, the attitude - not to mention corporate reality - with regard to Cloud-based solutions has changed drastically. Skepticism and downright rejection were the order of the day until just recently. In the meantime, we have noticed that Cloud-based components, rather than the planned on-premise solutions, are being implemented even in on-going projects.

A current example from the automotive area: Our customer had actually decided against a Public Cloud-based solution. But then one event completely changed the risk-reward ratio.

What happened? The acquisition of a company led to the search for a comprehensive collaboration platform for the post-merger phase. Teams from both organizations, which were spread around the globe, had to exchange information about collaboration, projects, process adjustments and associated savings. The originally envisioned on-premise solution would have led to months of preparation and waiting times for hundreds of users.

In the end, the customer, still quite skeptical in the beginning, took our suggestion of a Public Cloud-based solution based on SharePoint Online, Office 365 and Azure. But the largest impact did not come from the rapid and flexible availability of the system within just a few days. The real benefit was in the direct integration of the entire management level up to the level of the Management Board. This highly-relevant target group now experienced the Cloud as a tangible concept.

The nicest surprise for us: management has already submitted numerous ideas and requests for Cloud-based solutions for the time when the two companies have become one... Cloud changes the game.