Stumbling blocks on the way to a GxP-compliant cloud platform

In the era of AI, technology seamlessly blends with everyday life, while Public Cloud services face the challenge of efficiently meeting industry standards.

In the fast-paced era of Artificial Intelligence are seeing innovative technologies being integrated almost seamlessly into our everyday lives. This progress is further reinforced by efforts of policymakers to promote digitization in the healthcare sector.

The debate has shifted and is no longer about whether using public cloud services is necessary, but about how such services can meet the stringent requirements of regulated industries without resulting in drawn-out projects.

While leading public cloud services providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform certainly see the specific requirements of GxP applications, experience has shown that the materials and frameworks provided by them alone are often not enough. There is a lack of clear implementation strategies and instructions specifically tailored to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare sector for our region.

Without any doubt, qualifying cloud infrastructure and validating platforms and applications are complex tasks. But the actual stumbling block is often not the complexity or a lack of understanding of the large number of requirements of national, EU or international standards. Rather, the challenge lies in the customized implementation in an organization-specific context.

Our "map of stumbling blocks” highlights the key challenges we have encountered in public cloud platform qualification projects. Our expertise allows us to guide you securely and expertly through this process.

Just like a professional hurdler prepares to overcome the obstacles in his way, it is critical to visualize those hurdles in advance and develop targeted strategies for overcoming them. This proactive approach is firmly anchored in our planning, precisely adjusting the project plan to the resources, budget, and time available. This is how we ensure that, despite the numerous obstacles, we will reach the desired goal: The GxP-compliant cloud platform.


Sven Weitz

Associate Partner | Solution Area Cloud

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