TOM: Eppendorf’s key to a digital future

Eppendorf SE: Digital transformation in the life science industry with customized IT target operating model.

In the ever-changing world of life sciences, companies have to be able to reinvent themselves and adjust to changing market conditions. Eppendorf SE, a global market leader in the life science industry, realized this and took action proactively. With the goal of becoming a digital leader, Eppendorf SE partnered with Campana & Schott to develop a custom-fitted IT target operating model (TOM) and successfully implement it at the company.

Challenge: legacy infrastructure

Eppendorf SE´s previous IT system was powerful, but it was often reactive due to structures that had grown up over time. The challenge lay in creating an IT landscape that would be not just efficient and standardized, but also innovative and flexible. This is where the IT target operating model comes in. It represents the best of both worlds: standardization and innovation. The end result is an IT system that is reliable, secure, and business-oriented while also offering room for progress and innovation.

TOM: charting a course for lasting growth

With TOM, the client can anticipate and address fast-paced trends in the industry, but that isn’t all. The company can also ensure closer, more productive collaboration with the departments. By making this transformation, Eppendorf SE has charted a course for lasting growth and competitiveness.

Video: IT transformation in practice

Want to learn more about what this transformation is like in practice and what advantages it brings? Dive into the success story of Eppendorf SE´s partnership with Campana & Schott and learn more in this video:

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Michael Müller

Senior Manager, Head of IT Management Advisory

Sven Kreimendahl

Associate Partner | IT Strategy & IT Transformation