Steffi's drive is precision: as a consultant and as a barista in her leisure time.

"Working on the perfect solution."

Since her Master's thesis at CS, Stefanie Zwick has been advising international corporations on cloud-based reporting tools while committing to two of her biggest passions - making the best coffee in the company and establishing our LGBTQ+ network 'SCOUT'.

Steffi, how did you get into CS?

In the last semester of my industrial engineering studies, I visited a career fair to find out about possible employers. The CS team had seen my CV in the participant database and invited me to an interview. We got along pretty well, and the result was that I wrote my thesis at CS in Munich. That was 5 years ago - I've been with the company ever since.

What made you decide to stay at CS after graduating?

In my work, I had investigated whether our CS Status Reporting software could also be offered as a cloud solution. The result was positive, and I was offered the opportunity to further develop the product as a permanent employee and consultant. I found this exciting: on the one hand, as a product owner, to manage a long-term project and, on the other hand, to support changing customers with my know-how.

What do you particularly like about your job today?

My projects are all about using our software to create beautiful, transparent reports from complex data streams. This task corresponds to my penchant for perfection: I can tinker with a solution until the result really brings our customers forward.
The great thing about CS is that my colleagues share this thirst for perfection and my technical curiosity. When I ask other consultants for advice, they like to support me with their knowledge - you just feel that. In addition, the open CS culture gives me the opportunity to get involved in topics that are important to me. About two years ago, I established the LGBTQ+ network 'SCOUT' together with other colleagues. Here we stand up for the visibility and acceptance of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queer. We want to show employees and applicants that nobody has to hide. Everyone can be who they are - visible and colorful.

Your hobby also has something to do with perfection, doesn't it?

That's true. I have been a passionate drinker of good coffee for a long time. For example, I always use business trips to test the best coffee bars. Since my student days, I've also been continuously optimizing my own cappuccino. Not only do I benefit from my perfectionism and the right technical aids, but also from my numerical expertise: Grinding degree, temperature and quantity of beans are continuously recorded, analysed and optimized. Fortunately, good coffee is also appreciated at many CS locations: the screen carrier machine at our Frankfurt headquarters, for example, can achieve really good results!

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