Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the central place for collaboration in Microsoft 365. It combines communication and collaboration functions in one interface to communicate with each other in a group or team, edit documents together, set appointments and distribute tasks.

Collaboration in groups

Campana & Schott accompanies enterprises holistically with the conception, introduction and migration of Microsoft Teams. We develop a utilization and integration concept that is aligned with the digital strategy and takes the requirements of the digital workplace into account.

Together with our clients, we identify relevant use cases that can be optimized through efficient communication and teamwork. We involve all important stakeholders, from traditional office employees to first-line workers.   

The successful anchoring of teams in the company is achieved by our high expertise in project and change management, our profound technological know-how as well as the extensive experience from projects for the introduction of teams.  

What we do

We accompany the introduction of Microsoft Teams with all services from the identification of the Use Cases, the planning up to implementation and anchoring.

Identification of Use Cases

We analyze the needs of employees, identify relevant use cases and develop a representative set of personas. These describe the requirements and challenges for teams as well as the functionalities used to implement the use cases. The personas are the basis for the functional and technical design of teams.  

Planning & Management

A simple provision of the technology alone is not enough. We plan the introduction of teams holistically, from the piloting, over the definition of the governance, the transfer into the productive enterprise, up to the anchoring of the new ways of working. We achieve this with our high expertise in project management, deep knowledge of team technology and extensive experience from team implementation projects.


The provision of a self-service for employees for teams has proven itself in numerous projects. We can integrate our own provisioning solution into an existing Office 365 intranet to create new teams. With dedicated templates and relevant settings, we ensure that the optimal conditions are created for the various use cases, such as temporary teams, customer projects with external participation, and much more.  


Teams change the way we work every day - making it even more important to support transformation through effective change management. Through our best practices, we ensure that the use of teams is sustainably anchored. Among other things, we support companies in taking the interests and needs of their employees into account, in establishing regular feedback loops, but also in dealing with resistance or in communicating success stories. 

  • Identification of Use Cases
  • Planning & Management
  • Implementation
  • Anchoring

Microsoft Teams in use

Digital Workplace

By using Microsoft SharePoint, we are creating a uniform, networked and location-independent platform with which our customers can increase their work efficiency within the company.

Cloud & Digital Platforms

With the introduction of Microsoft SharePoint Online, we ensure that our customers succeed in introducing cloud technologies.

Business Process Digitization

With Microsoft SharePoint, we optimize the business processes of our customers and thus ensure more flexibility and high scalability.

Excellent expertise

Campana & Schott is part of the Microsoft partner program and as a solutions partner (formerly Gold Partner) in the solution areas Infrastructure Azure, Data & AI Azure, Digital & App Innovation, Modern Work and Security in the closest circle of Microsoft partners. This allows us to closely follow the development of the ecosystem, keep our know-how up to date and quickly adapt our range of services.

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