Business Process Digitization

Existing processes are often cumbersome. Thanks to new technologies and services, it is possible to rethink processes - companies have the opportunity to find fast and flexible solutions that focus on the essentials and are also fun. Companies thus create more flexibility and high scalability: from the digitization of a single business process to operational excellence.

Optimization potentials in the value chain

We make a company's business processes fit for the future. We analyze and document processes holistically and thus uncover optimization potentials in the entire value chain.   

Individually tailored to the respective needs, we start with selected processes or implement project programs, for example for operational excellence. Our customers benefit not only from the use of state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), but also from our sustainable change management.   

What we do

We accompany our customers from the strategy to the entire range of project management and implementation of all relevant technologies to the anchoring of their business processes to digitize.

Process Strategy

We accompany companies in creating business process management tailored to their strategic business objectives. On the basis of this, we develop a strategy suitable for our customers that ensures that processes can be successfully anchored.

Competence Center

Business Application Competence Centers create an effective interface between business and IT. The Competence Center delivers the development plan as well as fast and tailor-made solutions. Campana & Schott supports you from the conception stage right through to the appointment of key members of the Competence Center.


We find the individually suitable project methodology with the optimal approach. In both agile and classic waterfall models, we work specifically with prototypes in order to make our customers' digitization projects quickly tangible. In this way, we also ensure that the needs are met and that the desired economic effects and goals are achieved.

Change Management

With smooth operation and the right cultural introduction, we achieve a high level of user acceptance and thus ensure the success and sustainability of new forms of work and communication in companies.

  • Process Strategy
  • Competence Center
  • Implementation
  • Change Management

What matters

Business Applications

With the introduction of a sustainable process platform, we ensure that our customers use digital optimization potentials.

Internet of Things

We support our customers in the targeted networking of devices and ensure that they improve their products and processes with the data gained.

Digital Workplace

Increase work efficiency with a uniform, networked and location-independent platform.

Data & Analytics

We make it possible for companies to use the growing amount of data intelligently.

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