Campana & Schott and OnePlan.AI: new partnership for PPM

The goal of this collaboration is to create a flexible platform. In the future, companies will be able to choose from a range of project management tools and methods and integrate them seamlessly into their strategic portfolio management.

Efficiency and agility are the cornerstones of any modern approach to project and portfolio management. With clear, end-to-end management, companies can respond faster to changing market conditions and put resources to work optimally. The newly established partnership between Campana & Schott and OnePlan.AI addresses these needs. . Together, the two companies plan to offer customers project and portfolio management solutions that are comprehensive, holistic and, above all, flexible. This will allow companies to benefit from advanced solutions that combine agility with strategic vision to overcome the complex requirements of the modern business world.

A unique platform for integrated solutions

The partnership makes it possible to combine various project management approaches under a single umbrella. Many companies already use Microsoft 365, Microsoft Project and Planner, so they already have proven tools that cover department-specific needs and requirements. OnePlan.AI adds to this with a strategic PPM tool that can be integrated seamlessly into the Microsoft Cloud. Campana & Schott is contributing its more than 25 years of experience with integration and consulting in project management. The result is a unique platform that will allow customers to choose from various ways of working in project management while at the same time using an integrated solution for strategic PPM processes.

Artificial intelligence helps make crucial advances in projects

In the near future, Microsoft Copilot and Azure Open AI will also be added to PPM solutions, opening up a whole new dimension in project management. This integration promises to boost efficiency, but that’s not all. It will also open up innovative new ways to meet the requirements of a fast-paced market. We are on the cusp of a new era in which artificial intelligence will accelerate strategic management and implementation of projects. Together, Campana & Schott and OnePlan.AI are driving this evolution for our customers.


Sven Hausen

Associate Partner | Transformation of Work