CS as an employer

Not an employer like any other: As an owner-managed consulting company with globally active customers, Campana & Schott offers excellent development opportunities, long-term career prospects and an extraordinary "we" feeling. The passions of our colleagues are a central aspect - both professionally and privately.

Shaping the future innovatively, actively and sustainably

We believe that cooperation works best when all parties involved can act independently. That is why personal responsibility is a central value for us, which activates our development potential anew every day.

Campana & Schott offers the opportunity to assume responsibility right from the start

This of course results in one or two jumps into the cold water - but all participants are rewarded with steep learning curves and extraordinary successes. Because we value the sense of responsibility of our teams, we reward the contributions of our employees accordingly. With clearly defined bonuses that depend on the company's success, team performance and individual commitment.

We encourage teamwork in the following ways

No matter whether it's about internal processes or customer projects. The relaxed cooperation in our offices and our professional appearance with the customer are not contradictory - they are two sides of the same coin. We take joint responsibility for continuous innovation and create a climate that is always ready for new impulses.


Awarded as one of the best employers in Germany

Our values

Growing with each other

We believe in high five instead of elbow mentality. This means above all that we help each other, celebrate our successes together and treat each other amicably. Because only if we ourselves live collaboration and an "open door" culture can we bring the CS spirit to our customers.



Learning from mistakes

Wherever innovation is driven forward and new ideas put into practice, mistakes sometimes happen. We treat them openly, objectively and calmly in our teams. Together we solve problems and make sure that they don't arise in the first place next time.


Living diversity

Campana & Schott employs people of all nationalities, ages, marriages and sexualities. This diversity makes us strong, and we encourage every employee to contribute to our working environment with his/her entire personality. So that we can bring our full potential to bear on every project. In order to further strengthen our open culture and to make it visible both internally and externally, we at Campana & Schott have founded an LGBTQ+ and a WoMen@CS network. We are pleased to be able to support events such as women&work, herCAREER or STICKS & STONES as partners - with pride and passion for the cause, visible and colourful.

Creating with passion

Despite all our differences, we at Campana & Schott have one thing in common: our passion for good consulting. As an employer, it is our maxim to create an open space in which this passion can unfold without obstacles - and in which we continually spur each other on to innovation and new top performances.


  • Growing with each other
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Living diversity
  • Creating with passion

Awards & Cooperations

Our benefits

[Translate to English:] Private Time

Private Time

Extend parental leave, realize a personal dream, go on a world tour: With "Private Time" you have the opportunity to insert a sabbatical - and then get straight into the next project. We know from experience: Short or longer breaks awaken new energies!

[Translate to English:] Work-Life-Balance


The right balance instead of 70 hour weeks: Through flexible working time models, home office opportunities and several branches throughout Germany, we make it possible to combine work and family life - and everything else that is important to you in your free time.


[Translate to English:] Stabiler Rahmen

Stable frame

As an owner-managed company, we think long-term. Instead of "Hire and Fire" we want to be a reliable employer. This means that our employees receive an unlimited contract right from the start and enjoy great trust.

[Translate to English:] Und sonst?

What else?

An attractive bonus model, company smartphones for private use, a BahnCard, rewards for employee recommendations, employee discounts, fruit and muesli and particularly good coffee in our offices: In addition to their salaries, employees at Campana & Schott also benefit from numerous employer benefits.


Our job stories

Personal insights

What does "top consulting needs passion" mean in practice? In our job stories, employees report on what drives them: in their jobs and outside the workplace.

Get to know us personally

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Your contact persons (from left to right): Anne Busch, Alexandra Sagerer, Eva Mau, Daniel Theobald, Katja Ziegenaus, Claas Bendels, Julia Schneider, Julia Neese.
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