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Regulatory requirements

The regulatory requirements for companies in the area of sustainability are increasing. Most recently, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) significantly expanded the rules on non-financial reporting.

To support you in CSRD-compliant reporting, we offer you holistic CSRD consultancy ranging from the analysis of regulatory requirements (readiness assessment) to materiality and gap analyses as well as sustainability reporting. We rely on innovative IT solutions and ESG data systems that not only improve your reporting processes, but also increase the visibility of your sustainability measures and thus increase the value of your company. In addition to CSRD compliance, we also support the fulfillment of other regulatory requirements or frameworks that are relevant to your company (e.g. EU taxonomy, GRI: Global Reporting Initiative, DNK: German Sustainability Code).

  • Create transparency about your sustainability performance.
  • Meet regulatory requirements and use these efforts as a springboard to optimize your business processes for a sustainable future.
  • Build stakeholder trust with comprehensive and meaningful ESG reports.

Accelerating your sustainable transformation. Overview of our service portfolio.

Analysis of regulatory requirements

Only those who understand requirements can implement them. We provide you with an overview of the regulatory requirements that affect you. With the help of CSRD readiness assessments, we analyze your data situation, identify gaps and develop action plans tailored to your company in order to best prepare you for the reporting obligation.

Materiality analysis

Materiality plays a central role in non-financial reporting. We help you to identify the sustainability issues that are relevant to you by means of a (double) materiality analysis and to prioritize the fields of action accordingly. We carry out the double materiality analysis for you in an audit-proof, robust and efficient manner. In this way, we create the foundation for targeted sustainability management and reporting.

Non-financial reporting in accordance with CSRD

Our sustainability consulting services for the implementation of the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) help your company to efficiently comply with the EU regulations for non-financial reporting. We offer tailor-made solutions to optimize the process of data collection, processing and reporting. In addition to pure regulatory compliance, we work with you to leverage potential to underline your commitment to social and environmental responsibility and strengthen stakeholder confidence.

Tool solutions for CSRD compliance

Our range of tools, including the Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager, helps to automatically assess and manage compliance in your multicloud environment. These solutions aim to bring together the threads of previously siloed solutions into a comprehensive ESG data infrastructure, enabling cost and time savings through automated, risk-based and workflow-supported compliance assessment. Special CSRD templates support you in identifying the required data and planning its collection.

We make your sustainable transformation successful and ensure that you achieve your sustainability goals.

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