Organizational Capability Building

Sustainable success through the targeted new and further development of organizational skills.

Build organizational capabilities

Whether new business models, digitization projects, or cultural and organizational change - it is organizational skills that bring the strategy to fruition. This is exactly where Organizational Capability Building comes in and is dedicated to the new and further development of organizational skills so that transformation projects are successful in the long term.

Organizational skills are the key to implementing corporate strategy. Campana & Schott accompanies companies in the systematic identification of relevant skills, as well as their expansion and new development, thus enabling a sustainable increase in business benefits.

From the benefit analysis to the determination of the needs of organizational skills to the development of a roadmap tailored to this - we use proven methods and a benefit-oriented and holistic approach.

What we do

Determine Benefit

Together we analyze the goals of our customers and determine the associated benefits. From this, the desired target state of the organization can be derived from now on.

Identify Organizational Skills

Based on the benefit profile that has been developed, we determine and specify the necessary organizational skills. For each relevant skill, it is identified which elements - i.e. competencies, organizational structures, processes and tools or tools - must be present.

Create Roadmap

Based on a gap analysis, we define measures that adapt or build up the relevant organizational skills. We convert the measures into an implementation plan, at the end of which the desired target state of the organization is achieved.

Anchor Implementation

With the help of suitable target systems (e.g. OKR methodology), we ensure sustainable implementation in the organization. Custom-fit change management supports anchoring in the line organization.

"With a combination of technical, organisational, cultural and time-related challenges, Campana & Schott's experience gave us massive help. Without their support, we would never have managed the project so well in this extremely tight time frame."


Reinhard Walter

Global Solutions Architect
Siemens AG

What defines us

Specialists in building organizational skills

We understand organizational skills as the key to success. Our experts are trained to identify the skills that are relevant to the business benefit, to define a joint roadmap for skills development and to support them in their implementation. In doing so, they draw on many years of experience from various fields of application.

Holistic thinking

Our systematic approach convinces with its benefit orientation and holistic approach. We always keep an eye on all relevant dimensions of organizational skills: the development of individual competencies, a suitable organizational structure, the implementation of value-added processes and the introduction of necessary tools.

From analysis to implementation

For the development of organizational skills, we use modern methods and proven procedures and draw on a variety of best practices. We accompany our customers throughout the entire development process, from the first analysis to sustainable anchoring in the organization.

Matching focus topics

Organizational Excellence

Improve adaptability, make faster and better decisions and reduce time to market.

Digital Workplace

Increase work efficiency with a uniform, networked and location-independent platform.

Business Transformation

Meet new market requirements and turn a corporate strategy into a real value proposition.

Project oriented organization

Successfully implement change projects with methods, technologies and specialists.

Operational Excellence

Improve operational processes and exploit potential along the entire value chain.

IT Transformation

Managing change through disruptive technologies, digital business models or M&A activities.

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