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At Campana & Schott, we have been fostering communication, passion and exchange within the company for more than 30 years.

Sustainability moves us all. In addition to politics, civil society and companies, everyone can make a contribution. We support you in building a sustainable corporate culture in order to create a sustainable future together with your employees. An authentic vision of corporate sustainability must be anchored in a shared understanding of your team. Through our strategic initiatives, we spark enthusiasm for your sustainable transformation and encourage active participation in innovation.


  • Authentic sustainability communication creates trust among customers, employees and investors.
  • Enthusiastic employees drive sustainable transformation and strengthen competitiveness 
  • Internal communities create a shared understanding, establish a sustainable corporate culture and thus maximize the potential of the transformation

Accelerating your sustainable transformation - our service portfolio.

Culture & Maturity Analysis

Our maturity analysis of your sustainability culture provides insights into your company to evaluate the effectiveness of previous sustainability initiatives and training programs. This creates the basis for the development of clear change objectives and a targeted roadmap for the implementation of measures. We help you to leverage your potential and promote a sustainable culture that inspires both employees and stakeholders.

Sustainability Communities

We help you to build a sustainability community to embed sustainability in your company. The first step is to define the purpose of the community: What goals do you want to achieve in your organization in terms of sustainability and climate protection? We define key people: Who are the key stakeholders and what roles are necessary for the community to achieve its goals? In addition, we empower your community with Microsoft tools for long-term collaboration and teamwork, knowledge sharing and communication.

Employee Engagement App

Our Employee Engagement App, developed natively for Microsoft Teams, enables you to issue customizable sustainability challenges to your employees. These use playful elements to encourage employees to cycle to work more often or eat less meat, for example. The app raises awareness and reduces the individual and corporate carbon footprint, especially in Scopes 2 and 3. We offer customers the implementation and customization of the app to individual requirements.

We make your sustainable transformation successful and ensure that you achieve your sustainability goals.

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