Transformation of Work

We accompany companies through the constantly changing challenges of the working world: methodically, technologically & culturally.

Successfully mastering the transformation of the working world.

The transformation of work has accelerated enormously. Important drivers for this include a shortage of skilled workers, digitization, artificial intelligence, decarbonization and, last but not least, the increasing demand for flexibility. The effects affect both employees and companies and are creating massive pressure for change.

We help companies to modernize their culture, their collaboration and their leadership methodically, technologically and culturally: This includes the introduction and gradual expansion of the digital workplace with all its facets, modern Microsoft solutions for collaboration, communication, project management, employee experience or goal setting up to the use of AI.

On the other hand, we promote the productivity, motivation and satisfaction of employees - important factors in the age of a shortage of skilled workers. In order to derive sustainable benefits from these investments, we consistently rely on the use of effective change management methods for our clients. 

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Topics in our focus

Digital Leadership & Culture

The success of organizational transformations stands and falls with the people who drive and live the change. The adaptation of culture and leadership behavior is the basis for sustainable success - made measurable by a goal management system such as "Objectives & Key Results" (OKRs).

Employee Experience

Companies that want to remain successful in the future must increasingly focus on their employees. This can be achieved with a modern intranet as a digital home as well as with Microsoft Viva - the Employee Experience Platform, which combines the components of communication, knowledge, learning, resources and insights in the daily work environment.

Hybrid Work

Effective communication and digital collaboration are at the heart of hybrid work models. Important factors in the age of New Work and the accompanying desire for more flexibility. Data security and successful project work are complementary disciplines.

Digital Workplace

The digital workplace is a central building block in the digital transformation of companies: Communication, tools and information are digitized in a strategically sensible way and gradually enhanced by new technologies. This creates the basis for all facets of modern working.

Frontline Worker

Digital transformation does not end at the office desk. The integration of frontline workers, i.e. employees in production, stores, logistics or service, is an important success factor for organizations. Today more than ever.

Change Management

Change Management The willingness of an organization to change is one of the core success factors. Changes must be supported by the employees. Only with the right understanding will a company have the necessary tailwind for the future.

AI Transformation

Artifical Intelligence will change all of our working lives permanently. The precise understanding of the prerequisites for AI as well as the identification of the relevant use cases with benefits for the organization will be decisive for shaping the next few years.


Award-winning Microsoft expertise

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner in all relevant business areas, we are closely networked with the manufacturer, master the technologies and ensure that solutions develop their full added value. In the "Employee Experience" category, we were named Microsoft Partner of the Year 2023 and are one of the world's leading Microsoft partners in this area. We were also named a finalist in the "Project Portfolio Management" category of this award as one of the best partners.


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Technical University of Darmstadt
Technical University of Darmstadt

Social Collaboration Study

The Social Collaboration Study provides a tool- and vendor-independent overview of the development of digitally networked collaboration in companies and is produced in collaboration with the Department of Information Systems at Darmstadt University of Technology.

University St. Gallen
University St. Gallen

Future Organization Report

The Future Organization Report provides an overview of challenges, approaches and success factors of agile transformation processes. The study is produced in collaboration with the Institute of Information Systems at the University of St. Gallen.

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