Transformation & Decarbonization

Legal and social requirements

New legal and social requirements are making sustainable transformation a necessity for companies.

We accompany your sustainable transformation, from the development of the strategy to the implementation of concrete measures for decarbonization. These efforts will enable you to achieve your mid- and long-term sustainability goals. This involves adapting existing corporate strategies and formulating science-based sustainability goals. This is the basis for the implementation of relevant measures and their management. We at Campana & Schott accompany you on this path with our services.


  • Transform your corporate strategy and processes - for a more sustainable future.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Decarbonize your company and create a sustainable economy.

Accelerating your sustainable transformation. Overview of our service portfolio.

Implementation of science-based goals

We work closely with your company to develop and successfully implement science-based goals. We work with you to develop your sustainability goals based on the latest scientific evidence.

Life cycle assessment

A life cycle assessment (LCA) is the systematic analysis of the potential environmental impact and energy balance of products or services over their entire life cycle. We carry out LCAs on behalf of our clients within all system boundaries in accordance with ISO standards 14040 and 14044.

Carbon footprint of companies and products

The carbon footprint analysis helps you to objectively assess your emissions. We offer detailed measurements and assessments of products and operations to identify and minimize emissions.

Decarbonization: preliminary study & roadmap

Decarbonization requires a targeted strategy and effective implementation. We work with you to define the strategic roadmap and develop strategies for achieving your goals. We use software to help you draw up a greenhouse gas inventory (in accordance with the GHG Protocol) and develop specific measures to systematically reduce emissions.

Steering sustainable transformation programs

We support companies in realizing a sustainable transformation of their business practices.We work with you to customize transformation strategies and accompany you throughout the entire implementation process. Our focus is on measurable results that enable you to monitor success.

We make your sustainable transformation successful and ensure that you achieve your sustainability goals.

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