Culture & Change

Introducing, strengthening & consolidating the right culture.

Introducing, strengthening & consolidating the right culture

The success of organizational transformation stands and falls with the people who drive and live the change. The adaptation of culture and leadership behavior is the basis for sustainable success - the involvement of people is a decisive factor.


We ensure a strong corporate culture that is focused on the common goal of change. To this end, we consciously steer and shape cultural changes from the background and allow for natural development within the organization.

With our holistic concept, we increase intrinsic acceptance among managers, set incentives for the sustainable development of new behavioral patterns among employees and ensure that corporate values are anchored in the long term.

Our services

Culture Analysis & Change Readiness Assessment

We determine the status quo of the corporate culture as well as the readiness for change. In this way we create the basis for the development of clear goals and a targeted roadmap for cultural change.

Leadership Academy

We turn leaders into role models who drive change, actively pursue a common vision and shape the organization of tomorrow. In this way we give companies stability and make them crisis-proof.

Human Consulting

We support all processes related to employees, from the selection of the right talents, to the optimization of the workplace, the definition of annual goals or career paths, to the optimization of employer branding.

Change Management

We support companies in the long-term anchoring of changes. To this end, we advise companies on the right measures and their orchestration and support them in the operative implementation.

"Campana & Schott brings a lot of know-how to the table. However, one of the greatest assets in my view is people: Well-educated people who also bring a personal touch. So that they are also happy to work with you."


Dr. Roland Schütz

EVP and CIO Group Airlines and Digital Initiatives
Lufthansa Group

Our expertise

The human being in the center

The passionate interest in human interaction and cooperation has always been a hallmark of Campana & Schott and is the basis of our daily work. This passion spurs us on - it leads to extraordinary results and ensures the success of our customers.

Meaningful Moments To Remember

People do not remember days, but moments. We analyze the right measures that fit the individual culture as well as the company's purpose and create such moments that promote a lasting bond with the company.

Recognized strategy specialists

We know how to develop change strategies and successfully transfer them into projects and programs. Our strategy and project management experts listen carefully and develop tailor-made strategies that become guidelines for cultural change.

Experts for implementation

We make sure that changes work - this is an essential part of our corporate philosophy and distinguishes us from many strategy consultancies. This includes initiating cultural changes and developing a new mindset with the right measures.

Excellent project and program management

Cultural changes require clear structures in the background: We are recognized in the market as a specialist for all facets and levels of project, program and project portfolio management. For more than 30 years, we have been using our expertise and experience to ensure that projects are successful.

What defines us

We stand for top expertise, but our culture sets us apart. We stand for passionate cooperation, responsibility and a living digital culture. We listen carefully and implement state-of-the-art solutions that really work. Customer satisfaction and a repeat order rate of more than 90% are proof of this claim.

In good company: Our customers

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