Power Suite: Work Breakdown Structures Made Easy with AI

How can AI revolutionize project management? A practical example of the automatic creation of WBS with the help of a copilot integrated in Microsoft Teams.

In the realm of project management, creating a well-defined Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is crucial for successful project planning and execution. Nonetheless, this process is time consuming and prone to error. Campana & Schott has integrated a Copilot into the CS PPM Power Suite in order to simplify complicated processes such as this and thus raise the entire project management to a new level. In this blog post we will take a look at the automated WBS creation using Copilot integrated in Microsoft Teams to understand how the integration of AI can revolutionize project management.

The importance of a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

 A Work Breakdown Structure is a hierarchical representation of all the tasks, sub-tasks, and deliverables necessary to complete a project. It provides a visual roadmap, enabling project managers to break down complex projects into manageable components. Traditionally, creating a WBS is a complicated and time-consuming process, but with the help of Copilot, it has become more efficient and accessible.

The role of Copilot in MS Teams

Project Scheduling

Let the Generative AI create a work breakdown structure.
The Copilot is integrated in MS Teams and works with only few project information as input.
This also applies for a project schedule or relevant milestones which are integrated in Project for the Web.

Copilot, seamlessly integrated into the MS Teams platform, serves as a virtual project management assistant. Using natural language processing and machine learning, this Chatbot simplifies the process of generating a WBS. Here's how it works:

1. AI-generated WBS:

Once the basic project information is gathered, Copilot employs advanced algorithms to propose an initial Work Breakdown Structure. This first draft includes major project phases, milestones, and associated tasks. It's based on historical project data and insights from similar past projects.

2. User interaction:

Copilot presents the suggested WBS to the user within the MS Teams interface. The user can discuss the result with Copilot to adapt and fine-tune the WBS. This iterative process allows for customization to align with the specific requirements of the project.

3. Integration with Microsoft Project for the Web: :

After finalizing the WBS, the user can select desired elements from Copilot suggestions and seamlessly transfer them to Microsoft Project for the Web. This integration ensures a smooth transition from project planning to execution.

Benefits of utilizing Copilot

1. Time and resource efficiency:

Copilot significantly reduces the time and effort required for WBS creation, streamlining the project initiation process.

2. Error mitigation:

Manual WBS creation is prone to human errors, but with AI assistance, the risk of inaccuracies and omissions is minimized.

3. Improved collaboration and transparency:

Microsoft Teams offers a collaborative environment for project teams to collectively work on the WBS and stay informed about project progress.

4. Insights from historical data:

Copilot utilizes AI to analyze past project data, empowering users to make informed decisions and create effective project plans.

5. Seamless integration:

Copilot seamless integration with Microsoft Project for the Web ensures that project planning and execution go hand in hand, creating a unified project management ecosystem.


The integration of Copilot in MS Teams by Campana & Schott simplifies the creation of Work Breakdown Structures, and therefore enhances project planning efficiency and reduces the risk of errors. By combining this AI-powered tool with Microsoft Project for the Web, project managers get empowered to initiate, plan, and execute projects with greater ease and precision. The future of project management is here, driven by AI and focused on seamless collaboration and efficiency.

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