The EU CSRD. What companies need to know now.

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSR) Directive went into force in 2023, bringing extensive changes in the reporting requirements for companies in the EU.

The new directive, part of the European Green Deal, supersedes the earlier Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD). The goal is to provide greater transparency about the business practices of companies and their impact on people and the environment.

Consequences for companies

The impact of this directive is considerable. Reporting requirements have been tightened, and now companies, especially those in the EU, have to act quickly in developing structures that will allow them to accurately collect and process the necessary data. The IT department is a key area of focus here. What that means for IT experts is that data strategies need to be reconsidered and adjusted from the ground up.

Learn more in our fact sheet

We have put together a fact sheet for you covering key points in relation to the EU CSRD. It contains answers to the most pressing questions, including whether your company is affected, what you are required to report, what the reporting looks like, and how you can create the necessary conditions.


Johannes Kraus

Senior Consultant

Lennard Everwien

Head of Sustainability

Frank Helbig

Expertise Lead Sustainability