VIVA Customer Roundtable - Moments that matter

Growing awareness of employee experience.

In the past, building professional experience was always a matter of adding to a person’s résumé, filling in the knowledge, insights, and skills employees gain at each stage of their careers. The employee experience, in the sense of gauging how employees perceive their work and work environment and how satisfied they are with both, is still quite new as an area of focus for companies. With hybrid forms of collaboration on the rise, companies are now increasingly turning their attention to their employees’ requirements, though. What is important to them? How are they coping as companies realign themselves? What do they need and want from the workplace? What makes them happy and gives them a sense of connection with the company? 

This is an excellent development! Only those who understand just how important a positive employee experience is and take the appropriate steps within the company can bring in new talent and keep good people in this competitive environment. This economic factor, and how huge its impact is, are finally being recognized. According to a Gallup study, just 15 percent of employees worldwide are engaged at work, and the Work Trend Index for 2022 showed that more than 40 percent are considering changing jobs. Those are alarming figures. Action is needed! No company likes to see waning productivity and rising costs due to high turnover. 

It’s time to really dig in and think deeply about the employee experience. 


VIVA Customer Roundtable for customers and prospective VIVA users 

Our VIVA Customer Roundtable, a format that Campana & Schott has initiated for our customers and prospective VIVA users, is all about this form of dialogue. Our first VIVA Roundtable, held last year, showed that it is the little things that distinguish and optimize people’s everyday work together: feeling informed, having all documents and applications conveniently at hand on a mobile basis, being able to access the necessary knowledge quickly, and so on...    

I would like to urge anyone who is interested to check out our VIVA Customer Roundtable in Frankfurt on March 29 (German language). We will be highlighting and discussing a proven tool for improving the employee experience: Microsoft VIVA and its ever-growing number of modules that have a positive effect in this area. 

Sign up here to attend. You’re just a few clicks away!

The experts from Campana & Schott will be joined by Stefan Böhler, Technical Sales Manager at Microsoft, who will be offering exciting insight into the employee experience from the producer’s standpoint. 

My colleagues and I look forward to talking with you! 


Martin Weinhardt

Head of Competence Center Employee Experience