Sustainability as strategy: Guidance for companies

Our white paper "Sustainability: Integrate corporate sustainability into your organization" is a practical guide for companies.

These days, sustainability is much more than just a buzzword – it’s a necessity for every organization. In light of growing global environmental impact and the increasing urgency of the challenges posed by climate change, companies need to ramp up their sustainability efforts and put those efforts to work where they are needed most. But what are the crucial steps in shaping this change successfully?

Crucial steps toward corporate success

Our white paper “Sustainability: ntegrate corporate sustainability into your organization” provides comprehensive guidance for companies aiming to define their objectives in this area, work toward them, and report on their progress. This document explores various aspects and highlights how companies can be successful, from developing an efficient data strategy to transparent reporting about their sustainability efforts.

Effectively integrating sustainability requires more than just isolated individual steps. Interdepartmental cooperation is essential to reaching these kinds of goals efficiently. A clear corporate vision that balances sustainability efforts with the company’s strategic goals is another important factor.

Conclusion: The future is sustainable

Companies that do not actively work toward sustainability are risking more than just their reputation; they are also risking their long-term competitiveness. We have put together these guidelines to help you chart your course into a sustainable future. Download the white paper for detailed insight and practical steps to support your sustainability initiatives. The time to act sustainably is now.


Frank Helbig

Expertise Lead Sustainability

Lennard Everwien

Head of Sustainability