Campana & Schott certified as one of the best employers in Germany

Top rankings in the Great Place to Work awards.

Great Place to Work® has once again certified Campana & Schott as one of the best employers in Germany. Ranked in 6th place, Campana & Schott is in the top 10 of the 100 best employers in Germany (company size 251 to 500 employees). More than 930 companies participated in the survey.

Campana & Schott achieved top rankings in the categories “Best employers in the consulting industry” and “Best employers in Hessen” (companies with more than 250 employees).

Dr. Christophe Campana, co-founder and one of the managing directors of Campana & Schott, discusses the most exciting results of the survey.

“First things first: I am really pleased with the valuable feedback, and I would like to thank our employees for participating! Your feedback contributes to a continuous improvement process and also helps us with launching initiatives for creating the best possible work environment.

One highlight for me personally is the feedback on the team spirit at Campana & Schott: the analysis shows that team spirit is our greatest strength. A query of the different responses, including ‘Employees look out for each other’, yields an average value of 94 percent agreement with regard to our team spirit. It is such an important message. We support, inspire and encourage each other - this is what successful and joyful collaboration is all about! And it is the only way to deliver performance at our customers. It is also worth noting how our spirit is greater than ever, despite the previous pandemic period.

Sustainability is another aspect that has grown in stature. It is championed in the company by my co-founder Dr. Eric Schott and the specialized Campana & Schott teams; it is also encouraged within the company and promoted at our customers. Our employees strongly agree that information about sustainability issues is provided openly and with transparency in mind, and they confirm that colleagues who champion sustainability issues receive a lot of support. We are very optimistic and excited about the company's future path to sustainability.

Together with the entire Campana & Schott team, we will continue to expand our strengths and develop new ones, while also working on optimization. Because for me and Eric, the Great Place to Work award also means taking responsibility, never slowing down and always improving.

About Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work® is an international research and consulting institute that certifies the workplace culture of companies on the basis of anonymous employee surveys and an analysis of personnel measures. International, national, regional and industry-specific honors are also awarded to exceptional employers every year.