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Nachhaltigkeit bei Campana & Schott.

We take responsibility.

Campana & Schott is committed to promoting sustainability in the environmental, social and economic sense. We want to contribute to a sustainable future for all and take responsibility by aligning our business activities and our overarching commitment accordingly.

Our commitment

We support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and are early adopters of the UN Global Compact. In addition, we are reducing our annual carbon footprint with the declared goal of climate neutrality in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. Recognized awards and seals represent our commitment to continuous improvement and learning. 

We want to create transparency about our sustainability performance and, together with our employees, iteratively and continuously make a positive contribution to the future.

Three dimensions of sustainability


We are a trusted partner and create value by operating sustainably. That is why we are a participant and early adopter in the UN Global Compact, have incorporated the topic of Sustainable Transformation into our strategy, and are developing sustainability solutions for our customers in our Sustainability Accelerator. These sustainable development goals are increasingly also an important benchmark for cooperation with customers, partners and suppliers.



We want to know our impact on the environment, make it measurable and continuously improve it. That is why we record our corporate CO2 footprint, ensure a constant reduction in our emissions and compensate for the unavoidable emissions that are emitted. We use green electricity in all Campana & Schott offices and focus on sustainable mobility. EcoVadis, the internationally recognized agency for corporate social responsibility ratings, awarded us a silver medal as one of the top 25% companies worldwide. 



We are a trustworthy partner for our employees, for example by investing in flexible work organization, working time models or individual training opportunities, or by supporting numerous internal communities. We take the responsibility we have as a company in society seriously. That is why we are involved in social and educational initiatives as well as in LGBTQ+ issues, the advancement of women and equal pay through networks, memberships and donations. We support the Diversity Charter and are part of the Target Gender Equality Initiative of the UN Global Compact.

"Sustainability is the great challenge of our time. Campana & Schott wants to both make a stronger contribution of its own and accompany our customers in their upcoming Sustainable Transformation. In this way, we invest in the sustainable future of our planet."

Anna Adler, Director Corporate Development

Our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

With the 2030 Agenda, the United Nations has adopted 17 global development goals, the so-called UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We at Campana & Schott fully support these goals.

We are committed to some of these SDGs, where we as Campana & Schott can have a positive influence, and we align our corporate activities and goals accordingly.

Primary goals


Promoting and supporting gender equality in all its facets is an essential point for us to further build and expand our diversity. Open networks and initiatives as well as clear management commitments to, for example, a binding increase in the proportion of women across all job levels, make us strong and promote the development of potential among our employees.


With responsibility and passion, we support our customers in constantly improving and thus grow sustainably. We live a digital culture and design our working conditions according to modern, flexible forms of collaboration.


Our actions have the potential to generate positive impact - which is why we are establishing sustainability as the new standard. For example, we use 100% green electricity in all our offices and are committed to promoting sustainable transportation.


We take sustainability seriously - for us, this means making our negative impact on the environment measurable through the CO2 footprint and reducing it in a targeted manner. Where this is not possible, we offset our emissions in environmental projects that address local and social dimensions in addition to their CO2 focus. We are also actively working on improvement measures as part of the requirements of the UN Global Compact and EcoVadis and have already been rated as one of the top 25% companies worldwide.

Secondary goals


Campana & Schott offers a place where employees can develop and evolve flexibly and individually. With our comprehensive "CS Academy" training program, we offer individual learning paths for a wide variety of competence profiles.


At Campana & Schott, we live digitization and technologization and actively promote and improve them - both internally and with our customers. With our customers, we create efficient and sustainable processes, develop digital infrastructures and ensure the expansion of modern forms of collaboration.


We also take responsibility beyond the boundaries of our company. That's why we support projects and initiatives that promote education and development to reduce inequality around the world. And internally, we also live, promote and celebrate an open and supportive culture and stand for fair treatment of our employees and stakeholders.


We enter into global and local partnerships to support each other and drive sustainable development. This includes cooperation with, for example, the UN Global Compact, the Diversity Charter, PrOut@Work and numerous universities and research institutes. We want to learn from each other and make ourselves comparable.

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